The Revenge Film genre has always been such a badass genre.  People love to imagine what they would do or want to do if they were ever double-crossed.  The films below are the best Revenge films of all time and here is why:

Honorable mentions: Hard to Kill, Revenge, Rambo 2, KickBoxer, Enter the Dragon, Inglorious Bastards, Commando

10) Taken (2008)
It was a tough battle for my number ten spot as you will see with my Honorable mentions. Taken makes my list for one reason only – Liam Neeson. I saw a little Charlie Bronson come out when Neeson hit the screen in this role. I didn’t see it coming but Neeson as the “Former Government Hot Shot” is naturally fantastic. He plays it similar to Damon in Bourne, excelling intellectually more so than physically but still putting a hurting on people. I think a new franchise has been born.

9) Four Brothers (2005)
I may take some heat for this one because of the talent pool of revenge in cinema. Four Brothers is a solid film and a solid number nine on my list.  Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mark Wahlberrg make this movie. The best piece of revenge is when they square off on the frozen lake for a fight to the death. An extremely overlooked piece of revenge cinema.

8. Munich (2005)
This movie is straight up diesel and Eric Bana is the mechanism that delivers revenge with a strategically planned opus of death. For some reason Munich is high octane intense. I think it’s the Middle Eastern angle. It gives me chill. “Papa was a rolling stone.”

7) The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
Matt Damon gets his girlfriend killed in Bourne Supremacy and he tracks down all involved and returns it tenfold. In Bourne Ultimatum he returns to clean house on the entire CIA for brainwashing him. Damon excels tremendously in the Bourne series. In Bourne Identity he was the bewildered badass and in the Supremacy and Ultimatum he is the ultimate exterminator. Revenge is sweet.

6) Oldboy (2003)
You don’t even need the subtitles when Oldboy drops his fifteen years of imprisonment hammer (Pun intended) on the guys that locked him up. The South Korean thriller is a visual journey of pure Revenge AND Spike Lee is remaking it for 2012. Look out!

5) Straw Dogs (1971)
Sam Peckinpah pushes Dustin Hoffman to the limit unleashing the best kind of revenge, the revenge you didn’t see coming from the person you didn’t think has it in them.

4) Braveheart (1995)
The thing about Braveheart is that it could be top-five in almost every category dealing with cinema. It’s a perfect movie and I would have no problem saying it’s the greatest movie of all time. I put it at number-four here because yes it is a revenge movie but it’s also a love story, a war movie, and an epic historical drama that delivers on multiple levels.

3) Death Wish (1974)
Charles Bronson was apart of the dying breed of men that rarely exist these days. The Purple Heart winner was an International Icon for whoop ass. Death Wish became a franchise and all he did was show up.

2) Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
It’s hard to believe that a bunch of nerds beat out Charles Bronson in the revenge category, but when these geeks pulled off the revenge against the Alpha Beta’s to Queen’s “We are the Champions” it doesn’t get much better. And we got to see the Pi’s fully nude!

1) Rocky IV (1985)
There is no better revenge than the one obtained by the Italian Stallion from the big bad Russian after he destroyed and killed the one and only Apollo Creed. The American flag flew a little higher on this day. “He’s cut. The Russians cut and it’s a bad cut,” will forever deliver chills to anyone with soul.