Sookie and Eric finally succumb to their smoldering passion! We’ve all been waiting for it, ever since she walked into Fantasia that first time and caught Eric’s eye. I never thought Sookie and Bill made a hot couple – but Sookie and Eric, major chemistry, tons of sex appeal. Then again, if Sookie were to hook up with Alcide…

For now Sookie and Eric are getting hot and heavy – until Bill interrupts them by rushing into Sookie’s house. He and Eric start to fight and just when Eric is about to stake Bill, Sookie yells out that Bill is Eric’s king. Eric is immediately chastened and submits to Bill’s authority.

Sookie is horrified that Bill would take Eric prisoner. “If you ever loved me, you won’t hurt him.” But Bill fears Eric might be used as a weapon by the necromancer, i.e. Marnie, and thinks Eric should be given the “true death.” No, don’t kill Eric!

The decomposing Pam is equally horrified with the nicer, gentler Eric. She tries to snap him out of it, telling him he was once this kick-ass Viking who was never intimidated by anyone, especially Bill. But Eric tells Pam he has no intentions of returning to his old self, ever. He realizes what a sadistic brute he once was and wants no part of it anymore.

Meanwhile, Marnie finally gets her wish and becomes possessed by the 1610 Spanish witch named Antonia who was tortured by vampire priests and then burned at the stake. Before she died, however, she cast a spell that made the vampires walk into the daylight to their deaths – and now she is seeking more retribution through Marnie. Yeah, don’t mess with a pissed-off witch who can control the dead.

The devil baby tries to burn down the house with Arlene and Terry in it – and now I’m not entirely sure if it is the ghost of the serial killer Rene or someone else. While Arlene freaks out and grabs Mikey, who managed to get out of the house on his own, the baby coos and waves at a young black woman in ‘30s garb standing behind Arlene. When Arlene turns around, there’s no one there. Hmmm.

Sam calls Tommy and tells him he is going to have to stay and help clean up Arlene’s house, so could Tommy open the bar. Tommy is still depressed about killing his parents, but we are soon remembering the story Luna told about a shape shifter only being able to shift into another human being once they’ve killed someone. Well, looks like Tommy has figured that out after he accidentally shifts into Sam. Tommy as Sam goes to Merlotte’s – and promptly fires Sookie, who asks for the day off. Then later, Luna shows up, ready to finally have sex with Sam, who is really Tommy. After they do it, Tommy yells at Luna to leave, just as he begins to shift back to his own self. This kind of shifting makes you violently ill, and Sam later finds Tommy passed out.

Man, there are a million story lines to keep up with. Let’s see, Lafayette and Jesus talk with Jesus’ grandfather to try and see if he can help them against the vampires. But all the man does is prove to Lafayette he is just as powerful as Marnie – even though Lafayette can’t see it yet. I can see a showdown coming.

Jason isn’t going to turn into a were-panther after all. Contrary to other films about werewolves, in the True Blood world, you can only become a were-whatever if you were born into it. Bites do not infect you. Jason is a tad disappointed he can’t be special – but he does connect with Jessica, who comes to him once she sensed he was afraid (remember, he drank her blood, so now they have a thing). Uh-oh, this might spell trouble if Hoyt finds out.

Tara’s New Orleans girlfriend Naomi shows up in Bon Temps to confront Tara about who she really is. Tara comes clean, telling Naomi everything – all the messed up, crazy things that have happened to her. In fact, Tara takes Naomi to Merlotte’s and within five minutes, Jessica bares her fangs and runs out (to go find Jason) and later, Pam pops up, hell bent on sucking the life out of Tara for what she did to her.

So, did Bill really kill Eric like he was supposed to? Of course not, then the show would be over. No, instead Bill lets Eric go after Eric tells him he was born that night Sookie found him and if he has to have the true death, at least he’ll die knowing what love is. Awww. Bill is moved, naturally. Later, Eric finds Sookie in the woods – and they finally consummate what they started at the beginning of the episode.