Teens! Big ones, little ones! Perky ones, somber ones! Kids of all kinds! This week the designers had to interpret the paintings of artsy children, leading to some…interesting results. How did they do? Well, let’s talk about it!

After deciding not to rehash the disaster that was last week’s episode (Bert is a jerk, nobody likes Becky) and putting their best feet forward, the designers head to the runway to learn about their next challenge. When they arrive, Heidi mentions something about “going back to school” before sending them on a field trip.

A few people guess they’ll be designing for students or teachers as they head out, but it turns out they will each be paired with a student from the Harlem School of the Arts to create a painting, and then in turn transform that painting into an avant-garde sartorial fantasy. Sounds easy enough, right?

Although Viktor doesn’t do much to hide his dislike of children and seems a little put off by the bubbly teen he is paired with, most of the other designers seem pretty stoked on the challenge. Turns out these kids are actually pretty talented! I particularly liked the self-portrait that Anthony’s partner made and the creepy graphic wolf painting created by Bald Josh’s teammate, but I think everyone had some good material to get inspired by. (Also, I want Tim Gunn saying Anthony’s partner Wu Qing’s name as my ringtone. “Wu Qing!” “Wu Qing!”)

So after saying goodbye to the kiddies, who no doubt went off to furtively smoke cigarettes behind the auditorium and avoid gym class (art student stereotypes!), the designers head to Mood. Not much happens here except that Bald Josh only uses half his budget and makes some extremely poor fabric choices. Also, we got some great shots of the ADORABLE Mood dog, whom I want to steal.

Back to the workroom! Sketch sketch sketch, sew sew sew! Tim comes in and basically screams “AVANT-GARDE!!!!” to remind everyone what their look should be. Becky takes this to mean “Go weird or go home” which is just, no. That is not what avant-garde means. It’s at this point that it starts to become clear that a few of these designers are really prepared to go down the rabbit hole on this one, and not in a good way. Should make for some interesting/tragic critiques though!

Sew sew sew! Bert tells a story about his lover who has passed away that is very sad and we also get to see him interacting with his family, which succeeds in humanizing him a little bit. Maybe he’s not so bad after all!

However, what IS bad is Bald Josh’s outfit. Seriously, everyone says some iteration of “Josh’s outfit is going to be terrible.” Hope you liked your brief visit back, Josh!

Makeup! Hair! Olivier gets in trouble for gluing his dress to his model’s boob! This is apparently against the rules (I’d love to see that part of the rulebook), but he manages to unglue said boob and all is well with the world. Not enough time to dwell on that though, it’s off to the runway!

Heidi introduces the judges, including Kenneth Cole and Zanna Roberts Rossi, who will be taking Nina’s place this week while she’s away beating her maid with a Prada bag or something. Let’s start the show!

– First out is Kimberly, whose outfit was inspired by a bizarre spirit eagle painting. It looks ok if a tad costumey, but I guess that’s a lot to do with the subject matter.

– Becky’s geometrical denim dress actually turns out pretty well! There were some initial concerns in the development stages, but she managed to put out an interesting design that incorporated the celestial motifs from her student’s painting.

– Olivier’s look is just…yeah…not good. The whole thing is really bland and doesn’t really incorporate his student’s design. It also just looks really shoddily made, which is really surprising considering how impeccably-constructed his clothes usually are.

– Joshua’s burnt tree-inspired look turns out looking really awesome. He’s in the top for sure.

– While it looked interesting to me in the conceptual stages, Bert’s final geometric Jodhpur jumpsuit winds up looking really overdone. If he had just done away with the pink chiffon and a few of the cubes he would have had something. Also, that was perhaps the most ridiculous sentence I’ve ever written.

– Viktor’s look is perfectly decent and nice.

– Laura creates an impeccably made floor-length gown that is gorgeous, if a tad boring. Like, it was beautiful but I feel like I’ve seen that dress before. Still, well done!

– Bryce’s straightjacket dress looks insane, but it was inspired by an insane painting of and orange bug-eyed woman, so it’s not really his fault.

– Bald Josh’s model comes out looking like some sort of leather-clad vampire prostitute. Seriously, it was bad guys.

– Anthony’s dress comes out and it is GREAT. Such a perfect translation of the painting with the different colored streaks of fabric over the nude-colored base. Definitely the best of the night in my book.

– Anya’s dress is interesting but an odd color choice.

Judging time! Non-bald Joshua is praised for his interesting design and fabric-painting technique, Laura is in the top for her gorgeous gown, as is Anthony for his straight up awesome creation. On the flip side, Bald Josh is predictably in the bottom for his awful dominatrix cocktail waitress dress, as are Olivier for his shoddily constructed gown and Bert for his silly jumpsuit (although Heidi really liked it).

The judges deliberate and after calling everyone back announce Anthony as the deserved winner of the challenge. Yay! I couldn’t agree more! Bald Josh is sent home for letting that abomination go down the runway. Again, yay! Couldn’t agree more! Hell, I saw that one coming the minute it was announced he’d be coming back. Things never go well for the contestant who’s given a second chance on these shows, do they? It’s basically the reality TV equivalent of a death row inmate getting a brief stay on his sentence. It’s nice, sure, but ultimately they’re still going to have to face the electric chair.

So that was that! I’m seriously liking this season. I think after a bumpy start during it’s initial transition to Lifetime the show is finally hitting it’s stride again and reminding us why we liked it so much in the first place. I still think it doesn’t need to be 90 minutes, but I guess we can’t get EVERYTHING we want. What did you guys think? Did Anthony deserve to win? Did you love Bald Josh’s leather abomination? If so, EXPLAIN YOURSELF and/or get your eyes checked.

See you next week!