As the designers ponder what this episode has in store for them after Heidi cryptically declares “image is everything,” we are in on a secret that will not make them happy…it’s Menswear Week! (Thanks Lifetime promo from last week’s episode!) Everyone is universally bummed when Tim and Garnier stylist Peter Butler announce that some random rock dudes who won a “Rolling Stone” magazine contest will be their subjects this week. Oh, except for Olivier who exalts his tailoring skills and is sure he will excel.

Adding insult to injury…it’s another team challenge. Although I don’t know why everyone gets bent out of shape – it’s a team challenge in name only as there are four band members and eight designers, hence two groups of four, and Tim says the looks needn’t be cohesive as the designers create an iconic signature style for the shaggy haired guys who look like rejects Blue Oyster Cult. Why didn’t they just say designers will have to double up on band members and pick names randomly out of the little velvet bag? This way, Laura gets a chance to whine about continually being stuck with Bert. Anya and Anthony Ryan round out Team Harmony, while Olivier, Viktor, Kimberly and Josh comprise Team Untitled.

The Sheepdogs (who need to come up with a better name) play a few bars of their 70’s classic rock style song and we glimpse Olivier covering his ears and cringing from the noise, leaving Bert to remark on his delicate nature. Bert is growing on me. If running a lap nearly took Olivier out, I hate to see what a Sheepdogs’ concert would do to the poor boy. Large-and-in-charge lead singer Ewan informs the designers that the band likes classic looks – denim, suede, boots. Josh is immediately drawn to guitarist Ryan’s snakeskin cowboy boots, while drummer Sam voices his preference for kaftans and dashikis and other guitarist Leot yearns for red bellbottoms. On Team Harmony, Anya picks Sam, Laura takes Leot, Anthony Ryan elects Ryan and Bert goes with Ewan. As for the Untitled members, Kimberly decides on Sam, Viktor selects Leot, Olivier inexplicably takes big guy Ewan and Josh is thrilled when he gets Ryan.

With a $300 budget, the designers are off to Mood in search of paisley and red denim. Not much is noteworthy about the work cycle with the exception of Olivier’s incessant whining about how fat Ewan is and how much he hates designing for plus-size people. Ewan really isn’t even THAT big, but Olivier seems to hate ANY interaction with ANY humans…he can’t work with clients to save his life and he even snaps at his fellow designers. When Tim and the band members come to critique their work, Olivier continues with his insensitive remarks and I just want to give teddy bear Ewan a big hug and tell him Olivier is just grumpy because he is having an identity crisis as a result of that crazy-ass accent of his. The majority of the looks reflect a 60’s/70’s sensibility with varying degrees of success. Not surprisingly, the musicians are a bit dubious about some of the designers’, um, less than masculine fabric choices.

The musicians hit the runway for a brief concert for the judges, who include guest judge Adam Lambert who has nailed the art of melding fashion and rock. The designers’ lack of menswear experience becomes all too apparent. While Anthony Ryan is pleased with Ryan’s rock Jesus look, Anya is especially hard on herself, calling her work sloppy and not flattering. Laura likes her tie dyed look for Leot, while Bert calls outfit for Ewan (purple stripped peg leg pants and an oddly tie dyed tunic) authentic and modern. Thank god Bert scrapped the purple floral blouse, but whose idea was it to give Ewan braids?

Josh is pleased with his look for Ryan, which includes an interesting pair of crème colored jeans with a zipper that (intentionally) draws all eyes towards Ryan’s crotch. With a striped fringed vest, the outfit is kind of a hot mess and could have used some editing. Kim’s brown pants for Sam aren’t bad, but her brown bowling shirt with girly trim takes the word “bad” to a whole new level. Viktor makes an amazing pleather jacket for Leot. Olivier, once again challenged by the time restraints, has attempted to minimize Ewan’s girth with some ugly light khaki jeans and badly executed blue patterned shirt.

The judges are ruthless. Michael Kors blandly tells the designers that their subjects lacked the swagger they were trying to capture with their Jimi Hendrix imitations and Nina dismisses most of the looks as “expected.” Laura gets generally positive comments, except for Michael who thinks her reddish tie dyed shirt has a creepy Sweeney Todd vibe. Anya gets reamed for the first time as Michael says Sam looks like a reggae Jesus with a suede lobster bib in his Brady Bunch dashiki. Anthony Ryan’s sleeveless shirt is likened to an outfit that would be seen on one of the Golden Girls, while Kimberly’s shirt is compared to old man pajamas or Peter Brady at an autumn harvest. Michael praises Viktor for his “Mad Max meets Woodstock” ensemble.

Josh, Viktor and Bert end up as the top three, with Viktor clearly emerging as the winner. Kimberly, Anya and Olivier are the unlucky bottom three. Sadly, despite his continued protests of “but he was so fat!” Olivier is sent home. I am a bit sad to see him go because he provided some of the most uncomfortable, laugh-inducing comments and seemed more like a caricature than a character. And if I am being honest, he’s a pretty talented dude. Just not when it comes to designing for fat people. Or interacting with other humans.

Next week is some sort of blast from the past and Anya loses her money at Mood and mean ol’ Tim forces her to complete the challenge with muslin only. Should be a good episode! Even if Olivier’s bon mots are absent…