Well that was certainly an eventful episode! This week, rather than design for their usual waif models, the contestants had to design outfits for everyday women. How did they do? Some did well and some did…well let’s just say we have quite a few boob-phobic designers amongst us. Let’s talk!

We start as we always do, with the remaining contestants reeling from last week’s elimination. Bryce is bummed that he is the only designer who still hasn’t won and says he needs to step it up or he’s going to go home. Perceptive…

Everyone heads to the runway for their next challenge, and as soon as Heidi emerges with the infamous velvet bag you know something’s up. And it is! Heidi calls out a bunch of dudes of varying shapes and sizes, and the designers are crapping themselves over the possibility of doing menswear. Heidi draws names, and the designers pick dudes one by one. Olivier expresses his disappointment with being stuck with a “fat” person, even though his guy wasn’t that fat, but oh well.

Just as the designers are reaching peak menswear freakout, it’s revealed that they won’t be designing for these swarthy dudes after all. SYKE! Instead, they’ll be designing for their wives/girlfriends. Twist! Naturally, all the designers are super relieved to be designing for women. Ok, yes, I’m sure it’s a relief, but I mean at this point they should expect to be doing menswear at some point, you know? The shows been on for like 100 years, guys! There’s always menswear!

Anyway, everyone heads back to the workroom to start sketching based on the gentlemen’s’ input about their lady friends likes, and it becomes evident that a lot of guys don’t really know much about the style tastes of their better halves. For instance, Bert’s gentleman basically just says that his wife has bangin’ boobs, and he should design something that shows ‘em off. Bert’s like, ok, what else, and the guy is like “BOOOOOOOBS!” So yeah, Bert’s gonna be designing a boob dress.

Off to Mood and back to the workroom for sketchin’ and designin’. After a bit the actual models are sent in for a fitting. Most of the ladies seem pretty cool, except for Olivier’s model, who is kind of a bitch. Bert’s model is predictably not as obsessed with her boobs as her boyfriend is, but she still seems into the design. Laura Kathleen gets a fun lady who gets her style tips from Barbie, which is always good, and Viktor gets an uber-stylish lawyer lady who is right up his alley, stylewise.

Sew sew sew, work work work, the outfits start coming together. Some looks are starting to turn out pretty well! Viktor’s design is super cute, and Laura makes a kinda cute Lisa Vanderpump-goes-goddess look. Others are looking not so hot. Bryce seems pretty behind with his design, and Olivier looks overwhelmed with his bossy clients and overambitious design. Ruh-roh!

Runway time! After introducing guest judge Malin Akerman, Heidi calls out the models:
– Laura’s dress compliments her model’s figure really well, although it looks a little safe and unambitious.
– Anthony Ryan’s vintage dress is no-doubt his model’s style, but it seems a little bland and costumey.
– Bert’s dress makes his model look like a Real Housewives reject. Which is to say, sparkly and cheap. No likey.
– Joshua sends out a cute black dress that’s simple but perfectly cut and designed. Definitely one of the best.
– Bryce’s pink dress is a little ill-fitting, but I personally thought it was cute and made his model look good.
– Kimberly’s purple and black outfit is a little basic but well-made and compliments her model.
– For all the panicking, Olivier’s look actually turns out looking pretty good. Not his best, but good!
– Anya’s giraffe-geisha dress is a tad costumey, but it is well made.
– Viktor’s outfit is STRAIGHT UP ADORABLE! So cute, and fits his model’s style perfectly. Definitely my favorite of the night.

Judging time! First up, the best: Anya, Joshua, and Viktor. The judges praised Anya’s color choice and strong design sense, Joshua’s ability to tone things down and bang out a perfect little black dress, and Viktor’s adorable design and strong ability to read the sensibilities of his client. Not so lucky are the bottom three: Bert, Anthony Ryan, and Bryce. The judges thought Bert was a snoozefest, as usual. They also didn’t care for Anthony Ryan’s costumey vintage look, and thought Bryce’s dress was ill-fitting and unflattering. Things aren’t looking good for Mr. Lip Piercing.

The judges clear the runway for a brief deliberation, and then call the designers back to the stage. Surprisingly, Joshua’s little black dress is the winner. Personally I thought Viktor should have won, but Joshua did a good job too. Unfortunately, Bryce is sent home for his pink misstep, which I don’t know if I agree with. Sure, it wasn’t the best by any stretch, but I didn’t think I was as bad as the judges said, and I certainly liked it more than Bert’s skanky snoozefest. Like, seriously, how much longer are they gonna let him coast by on his boring momish designs? Hopefully not much longer…

So that’s this week! From the previews, it looks like next week the designers will have to do menswear after all. Hopefully they don’t freak out! (They totally will.) Until then!