Without support the rest would sag. It works for lady parts, so why not acting? I was overwhelmed to see the men of Modern Family dominating this category, but I was saddened to see some actors being forgotten.  Why are Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar always left out of The Big Bang hysteria? Where’s some love for Communities Donald Glover and Danny Pudi who stand out above everyone in that cast acting as support to the ever wonderful, Joel McHale? Or the other men of The Office? Where’s the John Krasinski love? Maybe next year, but this time around the Academy has their work cut out for them in choosing the main man in this one.  Can one of Modern Family men take win over a tween favorite and a man who’s won before but may get the pity vote this year? We’ll see…

Chris Colfer was the main reason I started watching Glee, that and the fact that I didn’t have a remote and didn’t want to miss Raising Hope, so I would leave the Gleeks on as background as background noise. In the end Kurt Hummel won me over and this last season he wasn’t a huge part of the New Directions and left his beloved glee club when a bully problem got to be too much. Aside from being ultra-fabulous, and the bully episode that failed to really showcase much, I really didn’t see Kurt living up to his full potential. And if we’re going for who made the most noise this season, this alto fell a little flat.

Aside from Conan, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is my favorite ginger on TV.  The uptight ways of Mitchell Pritchett are what make audiences fall for him. I think the reality of Mitchell’s character is what makes him really stand out in this cast. A professional gay man among a sea of very charismatic individuals, he has to play the anchor in most situations so it’s nice when you do see him break out of his stuffy shell. Episodes that come to mind are “Our Children, Ourselves” where he assumes as Ex had his baby turning him as red as his hair in the end when the truth is spilled and in “Good Cop Bad Dog” when he is torn between caring for the man he loves and a Lady Gaga show.

I was surprised to not see a TV veteran like Ed O’Neill in the Best Actor category, but it’s an honor to just be nominated…that’s how that cliché goes, right? As Jay Pritchett he’s the head patriarch in this Modern Family and commands attention with his May December romance every time he’s on screen. Maybe things got mixed up because if this was on the basis of character growth, this is the one to beat out of this bunch. Jay’s stern heart grew a little soft when he gets a visit from his brother and a letter he once wrote to his mother is found.

Eric Stonestreet is probably the Modern Family character people know who don’t even watch the show because every promo the man is in, golden. And speaking of, Eric took home the gold last year for this same category for playing Cameron Tucker, everyone’s favorite large, and in charge gay. It’ll be interesting to see if he can take it home a second year in a row, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. His delivery is never off. Just thinking of his lines now are making me giggle. It’s not weird that I have them on my iPod, is it?

If you’ve never heard anyone refer to someone on Modern Family as a DILF, you’re about to. Ty Burrell as the bumbling, cool (well he thinks he is) Phil Dunphy is a total DILF. A dad you’d never want for yourself due to the summers at family camps where he can’t understand why a “white it right” tee is all wrong or gets into a texting relationship with your ex. All these are instant chuckles for anyone he’s not related to and as far as the show, no family is complete without a resident, loveable, idiot. And I say idiot with all the respect in the world because a good percentage of Modern Family laughs are caused by Phil and Phil alone.

It’d be too easy for Jon Cryer to win for his portrayal of Alan Harper of CBS’ Two and a Half Men. The speech would have to include the overused “winning” coined by the bay shit crazy Charlie Sheen who ditched the show leaving one and a half men without a proper finale. In its eighth season Alan got a steady girlfriend and somehow managed to burn everything she owned…I didn’t see anything new from Jon this season. He continued to make households laugh and dominate the small screen in the realm of comedy. And as everyone knows Jon didn’t get to shine a whole season due to his onscreen brother, so is it really fair to award a dude who didn’t perform the entire run of his season?

A little over a handful of men representing the best of the best that supporting actors had to offer this past TV season, but only one will stand on that stage and make some cliché comments while accepting their Emmy on September 18th. Will it go to Golden Globe winner and Tiger Beat favorite Chris Colfer? He surprised everyone winning the Golden Globe, but an Emmy? I know Glee isn’t the type of show to “go there,” but that bully episode could’ve taken it up a notch, so not this year Chris, not this year. Jon Cryer didn’t even get to finish his season, so I think he’s in line for gold next year if he can revive Two and a Half Men this season. So that leaves the men of Modern Family; a one time winner, a funny man, a loveable ginger and a TV icon. Never taking home an Emmy for his time on Married with Children, the Academy would be rude and ridiculous to not award Ed with the gold this time around. How many families does the man have to support to get his Emmy?

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