Sometimes, spectacular things come in small sizes. As James Darren espouses in the Gidget films: “Although she’s not king-sized, her finger is ring-sized…” the same could be said for Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones, and he may very well be worthy of a kingdom and an Emmy.

Dinklage may not headline this group of Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nominees, but he ought to stand tall above the others when the statuette gets handed off. It’s time to stop typecasting Dinklage as a “small guy” actor and recognize his exceptional abilities, which transcend age, race, sexual orientation, gender, creed, religion, disability, prior-role discrimination, (fill in the blank), and of course – height. Dinklage is that rare specimen who has managed to overcome his most obvious stigma, the Shaquille O’Neal who can hit free throws, the Winklevii who needn’t rely on family affluence, the Hilton child with something called talent.  All things being equal, Dinklage deserves this award because he was an incredible Tyrion Lannister and helped carry the premier show of 2011.

Lining up against him is John Slattery from Mad Men, three times the loser but poised to take this in his fourth try. Four consecutive nominations is nothing to sneeze at, but his pattern of thank-you-for-showing –ups is pretty cautioning. Did Slattery do anything particularly memorable this year as opposed to other years? Probably not, which is why he will likely be back next year, waiting for the writers to give him something extraordinary to base his candidacy on.

And then there’s Andre Braugher from Men of a Certain Age, who is proving that even now that he’s a certain age, he can still get Emmy nominations. He’s won the Emmy twice, though never for Age, which has garnered him two nominations now. Braugher is a first-rate actor with plenty of versatility, and it wouldn’t shock me if came away with the prize. Still, to hand it to Braugher over Dinklage would be short-sighted.

Walton Goggins is a complete newcomer, which could work in his favor. And you know his nomination for Justified is – well – justified, since it’s a fresh show that seems to have captivated the voters’ eyes. Consider Goggins a bit of a dark horse, but his chances probably depend on how many people have actually watched Justified and have a liking for an Old South gritty show with complex protagonists. Kudos to Goggins for getting to the red carpet; it’s a victory for him no matter what happens.

Would Josh Charles rather have Chris from 'Dead Poet's Society' or an Emmy?

Lastly, we have Josh Charles and Alan Cumming from The Good Wife, both reputable actors making their first appearance at the Emmys. The Good Wife is immensely popular, receiving nine total nominations and critical acclaim in pretty much every circle. On a personal note, I’d love to see Charles walk away with the prize simply for being magnificent as Knox Overstreet in Dead Poet’s Society. Carpe Diem, Josh, Carpe Diem! Interestingly, did you know that Cumming once starred in a short drama called Dread Poet’s Society? If you don’t believe me, look it up… it’s quite amusing! The biggest question is whether these two might split the votes, forfeiting The Good Wife’s momentum and opening the door for – say – Dinklage?

Yes, it’s pretty obvious who I’m pulling for. Do the right thing Emmys voters:  Choose Dinklage!

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