Who will take home this year’s best supporting actress Emmy? After much deliberation and quite a bit of controversy (really, Alison Brie from Community and Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation were snubbed again this year?) the award race has been shrunk to just six nominations. The nominees for this year’s statue are: Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Jane Lynch (Glee), Betty White (Hot in Cleveland), Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live), and Jane Krakowski (30 Rock). Will Jane Lynch take a brief break from her hosting duties to graciously accept this award for the second year in a row? Will one Modern Family mama outshine the other? Will Betty White prove that comedy can transcend time? While every conclusion I have come up with is based strictly on speculation, I do believe that, after many sleepless nights and countless hours of silent analysis, I have come up with the clear-cut and absolute winner for this year’s best supporting actress in a comedy race. Before I reveal my choice for best supporting actress in a comedy series, let’s first take a quick look at all six contenders in this year’s race.

This year’s Emmy frontrunner, Jane Lynch, not only won the award last year, but is also hosting the award show this year. Lynch’s Sue Sylvester role on Glee has been an academy favorite in years past, so she definitely has a huge chance of winning the award for the second year in a row. Lynch may see her spot at the top of the supporting actress in a comedy usurped by one of her fellow nominees, however, because the actress was not able to accumulate as impressive of an acting resume to submit to the academy judges this season. This year’s Glee season faced many problems throughout the year and ultimately may prove to be caustic for Lynch’s chances at a repeat Emmy.

Betty White, who has recently been blessed with a huge Hollywood resurgence, is this year’s Emmy long shot. While White has been able to find a lot of new success in her role as Elka Ostrosky on the show Hot in Cleveland, I do not believe the Emmy judges will be comfortable handing out an award to an actress who basically played the same part, that of the over-sexed elder, for just about half a century.

Kristen Wiig has the potential of becoming an Emmy award winner, but will not win this year because the various characters she plays on Saturday Night Live do not truly capture her complete comedic ability. SNL has been struggling to produce new, funny, and relevant material for a long time now, and the actors who end up playing the less-than-mediocre roles that eventually make it into the show are suffering from the show-runners inability to create quality comedy. Wiig, who has created a couple of funny characters including the constantly one-uping Penelope and trouble-making Gilly, will need to branch away from SNL and find a new supporting role elsewhere in order to truly give herself a chance at winning an Emmy.

Jane Krakowski will ultimately suffer the same exact Emmy fate as Kristen Wiig during this year’s race. Krakowski’s role as Jenna Maroney has lost much of its flair from earlier 30 Rock seasons. The show, as a whole, “jumped the shark” a long time ago, and has lost much of its fan base, as well as Emmy support in recent years. Either Maroney, and the rest of the 30 Rock crew for that matter, has to somehow find a way to bring the show back to its previous comedy brilliance, or the actress needs to find a new vessel to display her comedic chops if she would like to have any chance at winning the award.

2010 was the year of the men of Modern Family. Three out of the six nominations (Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson) last year were from the hilarious sitcom, with Eric Stonestreet taking home the award for best supporting actor in a comedy series. This year, however, I think it is the women of ‘Modern Family’ who will reign supreme at the Emmy’s. 2011, I believe, will be the year that Sofia Vergara will finally take home the statue.

Why won’t Julie Bowen’s work as Claire Dunphy win the award? Easy. This year, Vergara’s performance simply outshined her fellow female fictional family member. Not to undermine Bowen’s work on the show, it’s just that, in my opinion, Claire was not given the chance to truly show off her comedic abilities. Vergara, on the other hand, hit the mark with every one of her comedic opportunities this season.

Vergara’s expertise in her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett has not only given the actor two nominations, but her work on the show has been able to re-define one of the most archaic archetypal character types present in sitcoms: that of the busty housewife. Vergara’s quick witted dialogue coupled with her amazingly hilarious accent has been able to turn Gloria Delgado-Pritchett into a full-fledged feminist figure all while staying true to the humorous nature of the show.

Some critics have described Vergara as a one trick pony who relies on her accent as the focal point for much of her humor, but in reality, it takes a lot of skill and timing to pull off her faux accent which sounds nothing like her actual voice. As an actress who has almost cartoon upper-to-lower body proportions, it takes a lot of skill to break away from the all too familiar stereotype most actress who fall into this category find themselves in. Vergara, on the other hand, successful shatters the norm and has proven to be instrumental in tearing down these stereotypes.

In less than a month, we will find out who will actually win the best supporting actress award, but in my opinion, the most deserving nominee this year is Sophia Vergara for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the show Modern Family.


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