Jim Carrey: A movie star, a comedic mastermind, and an all around class act, or should I say: “formerly known as?” His most recent screen time was spent confessing his love to Emma Stone in an online video that seemed more sad than funny. He’s probably still feeling the effects of his public break-up with Jenny McCarthy and one could certainly recognize the pain in this video.

With Carrey, now almost 50 years old, and Stone, 23 and in the midst of superstardom, it begs the question, is he longing to be a part of the rising star stature he once held? And more importantly, with his last two films A Christmas Carol and Mr. Poppers Penguins underperforming at the Box Office, are we witnessing a falling star?

Jim Carrey has publically admitted he has depression. When you have depression, no amount of money or fame in the world will fill your heart with the “eternal sunshine.” Most times comedy does derive from pain and Carrey has been quoted saying, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” His depression and lack of quality films may have something to do with his Internet rant, so quite frankly, what is left for Mr. Carrey… career wise?

Jim has reached the highest level of success one can achieve as an actor, sans Oscar: A-List status and 20 million dollars a picture (plus a percentage of the film’s gross). We’ve seen him at his funniest and we’ve seen him at his most dramatic and unless Bernie Madoff is released from prison and he gives him all of his fortune to invest, money will never be an issue. We all know that Jim Carrey is immensely talented and if he somehow came across this article, I suggest he find a passion that would help take his career to a new level.

Unless they are retired, a true entertainer (which Carrey is) should never be content with where they are in their career. They should always strive for more and try to push themselves beyond what they think are their limits (this can actually be applied to everyone, not just entertainers). So Jim please don’t lose sight of what got you to where you are: a love for the craft. We’re here for you Jim and support you. Step away from the spray paint and leave the graffiti to Banksy and the other professionals.

*Note* No, I am not a psychiatrist.