Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars: The girls had a “charity challenge” in which they played flag football to benefit some NFL players’ charities. They had a “bitch fight” photo shoot in pairs with Coco Rocha. Bre was sent home.

The episode opens with the girls riding back to their house from the judging panel. Lisa is crying. Allison says, “I love Bre.” Everyone seems genuinely shocked and sad that Bre went home. Lisa says now Bianca has no more bodyguard.

Apparently, Bianca and Alexandria have some kind of “disagreement” about who was going to get into the shower first. Bianca says she liked Alexandria on her cycle, but now she understands why the girls on Cycle 16 treated her the way they did. Alexandria tells Bianca to grow up, and Bianca says to call her when Alexandria’s an all-star.

TYRA Mail!  “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense (Scents? Cents?) Fierce and Love, Tyra.” Bianca thinks it’s a money challenge.

The girls go to the Roosevelt Hotel, where Nigel Barker tells them they’re going to be designing their own signature fragrance. Ben Bennett, founder and creator of Hatch Beauty is there to help them. They are going to select three fragrances, and Ben’s team will blend their fragrance for them.

Lisa’s fragrance is called Neon. Laura’s fragrance is called Love. Dominique’s fragrance is called Survivor. Shannon (who God knows why is still on the show) names her fragrance Smitten. Angelea’s fragrance is called Angelea. Allison’s fragrance is called Honey Blood. Kayla’s fragrance is called Free. Bianca names her fragrance Candid. Alexandria’s fragrance is called Diamondatrix – she tests every fragrance and all of the girls are way bored waiting for her. Bianca says “that girl can work a nerve,” haha. I’m totally going to start saying that.

Nigel says they’re going to be launching their fragrances to their fans and the public. They’ll all be assigned stations which consist of a bathtub filled with water, their perfume, and bath gel and shower gel infused with their scents. The fans will be judging them, and the girl that wins will win immunity from getting sent home at judging. Bianca is in a huff because they want them to get in the bathtubs, but she is a “lady” and will not conduct herself like that. Ok, Shannon. AmIright?

The fragrance launch party is at the Roosevelt Hotel, and Eva Marcille, Cycle 3 America’s Next Top Model winner, is there. Everyone gets in their tubs, except for Bianca. Nigel announces that the winner of Cycle 17 is going to be the face of a new America’s Next Top Model fragrance. The winner of the challenge is Lisa. Bianca says she wouldn’t have changed anything about the challenge except for her shoes.

TYRA Mail!  “The reality is, sometimes you just go along for the ride! Fierce and Love, Tyra.” Kayla says it’s going to be a scary ride.

The next day, they meet up with Jay Manuel who says their shoot will be a night shoot on motorcycles. He wants them to be over the top like reality TV stars Snooki and NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives. It’s kind of weird that they pick only these two reality TV stars, but okay, let’s just go with it. Mike Rosenthal is the photographer.

Laura Kirkpatrick – Cycle 13

Laura is inspired by NeNe; she says she thrives on personality to make up for being short.


Kayla Ferrel – Cycle 15

Kayla is inspired by Snooki; she keeps getting distracted by people yelling at her from the street.


Angelea Preston – Cycle 14

Angelea is inspired by NeNe; someone yells “There’s Tyra!” and Angelea loves it, of course.


Lisa D’Amato – Cycle 5

Lisa is inspired by NeNe; she’s never seen the show, so Bianca gives her tips. Jay Manuel says her performance was amazing.


Allison Harvard – Cycle 12

Allison is inspired by Snooki.

Dominique Reighard – Cycle 10

Dominique is inspired by Snooki.

Bianca Golden – Cycle 9

Bianca is inspired by Snooki; she especially requests pickles and refuses to share them with Allison and Shannon. Poor Allison is like, “I was mostly just hungry…” Jay says her choice of the pickle was not good because it was getting really phallic.


Alexandria Everett – Cycle 16

Alexandria is inspired by NeNe; she keeps waving her finger, and Jay’s like, why does she keep waving her finger? She’s on the back of a bike.


Shannon Stewart – Cycle 1

Shannon was inspired by Snooki; she refuses to get wild and keeps it safe.


All the girls think it’s going to be a double elimination. I really want Alexandria and Shannon to go home if that’s the case; they both know how to work a nerve. The girls show up to judging, and they are greeted by Kathy Griffin instead of Tyra. She says Tyra got fired and she is the new host, but Tyra ends up coming out. Tyra is wearing a leather bustier over a brown button-down shirt and brown pants – it’s kind of weird, but it kind of works.

Tyra says Angelea’s cheekbones cut through the air. All the judges say they like Alexandria’s finger-wagging picture, except for Nigel who says she always takes things too far. Nigel asks Bianca why she wouldn’t get in the bathtub at the perfume challenge, and she says she’s a model, and that Beyonce or Tyra would never get in a bathtub. Tyra says, well, you’re not Beyonce, and if I were you and had that assignment, I would do it and I would do it and try to win. Snap.

The judges think that Kayla is forgettable. Allison’s picture is fabulous as always. I think she could pose in one of her ratty-ass Brady Bunch outfits, and as long as she’s made up, I would love the photo. Kathy Griffin looks gorgeous, and is charmingly snarky.

Tyra does the usual – she has 9 women standing before her, but she only has 7 photos – record scratch. Yep, two girls are going home.

  1. Lisa gets best photo
  2. Angelea
  3. Laura
  4. Alexandria
  5. Allison
  6. Dominique

It comes down to Bianca, Kayla, and Shannon. Shannon is too safe to stand out. Kayla is melting away, and no longer stands out. Bianca is a professional working model, but the judges fear she is not comfortable (or lovable, I can’t really understand what Tyra says there. Both work I guess).

7. Shannon stays – what? Really? Ugh. I totally thought it would be Bianca, and they’d say you have great pictures but a bad attitude, let this be a lesson to you.

Coming up, on the next episode of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars: It’s down to the final 7, and the girls are each going to star in their own music video directed by Game.

Any guesses as to who will get sent home next? Mine is Dominique – she takes good photos, but she has the personality and memorability of a door knob.