Chynna Phillips didn’t have enough support to survive her horrific performance from last night. The star musician from Wilson Phillips got flustered very early during her dance performance to the Mission Impossible theme with partner Tony Dovolani. She allowed some early mistakes to get to her, and froze during part of the dance, in what some are calling the “Chynna Choke.” Phillips’ awkward personality and uneven performances didn’t endear herself to voters. Neither did her bizarre “epiphany” that she should dance well for Tony (ummm… when shouldn’t she dance well?) prove fortuitous. As predicted yesterday, Chynna’s 21 put her danger of being eliminated, and she couldn’t get enough sympathy votes to stave off elimination. Her result was predicted by some Fantasy DWTS, but not a large number. Most had picked either Nancy Grace or Chaz Bono to go home.