This week on Kendra, Hank surprises Kendra with a romantic trip to Cancun to celebrate their two-year anniversary. On the way to the hotel, Hank tells her there is going to be more surprises and Kendra says, “Babe I’m so bad with thinking about stuff for you. You’re so thoughtful. You know how to think about things and put them all together out of your heart.” Kendra says she isn’t “thoughtful,”  and that’s no surprise since we know she’s barely capable of thoughts.

The next morning they’re eating breakfast and Kendra says, “You know I saw my first UFO here in Cancun a couple years ago.” No Kendra, I’m pretty sure you were roofied. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and it’s their friends Jon and Julie with blue cocktails singing “Happy Anniversary.” Kendra is shocked and “wasn’t expecting a foursome,” but I think Hank just figured that’s what she’s used to.

Jon takes Hank golfing and while on the course and they decide to shot gun beers. Happy Anniversary!!

Kendra and Julie shop and Kendra decides to buy Hank a shot glass, and this means she is “becoming thoughtful.” She also throws in a Mexican dress for herself, which is put to good use when she dons a sombrero and a pair of maracas, or should I say another pair of maracas, and jumps around Hank while he’s trying to sleep…off the beers he consumed while golfing. Hank keeps saying “15 more minutes” and Kendra says, “I’m getting a picture frame from Cancun and putting a picture of me and Julie in it.” Touché Kendra.

Kendra and Julie are on the beach eating Nachos while Jon and Hank go jet skiing, and as Hank says, they’re “just some guys having fun.” Then at the spa Kendra tells Julie how busy Hank and her have been and now that they’re on vacation they’re not spending any time together. Of course now Julie feels bad that her and Jon are there, and both ladies decide they need alone time with “their guys,” so they devise a plan.

At lunch Jon and Hank start to talk about their marriages. Hank says that once he and Kendra got into a horrible argument and after they survived that, they agreed to never use the word “divorce” again. Jon admits that him and Julie have had similar arguments because they’re so busy and never see one another. Seriously if this foursome can’t make it, then who can!?

Back at the room, Hank and Kendra talk about Jon and Julie’s relationship and how they need to “get their romance back.” Hank books a dinner for Jon and Julie and a separate one for him and Kendra. But in a major plot twist, Kendra cancels Hank’s dinner and plans her own surprise, which is a yacht for the night! Apparently Kendra is able to do this because she “knows some people.” You know what this means? Kendra was roofied on this yacht and that’s where she saw her first UFO. Hank loves the surprise because he’s never been on a yacht before (Side note: This yacht is not very impressive and I’ve seen bigger ones docked on a lake). They ride off into the sunset and then eventually loop back around and pick up Jon and Julie; The foursome “is ready to party.”

Next week Kendra helps a friend through her divorce (not Julie), and Hank explores other career options besides the NFL.