Kendra, Brittany, and Eddie meet the contractor Jeremy (aka the douche wearing a Brett Michaels’ bandana) at an appliance store to pick out faucets for the house. Of course this trip isn’t complete without a discussion about “camel toe” and “moose knuckle,” and comparing faucets and showerheads to penises. Go Kendra!

Kendra and Hank invite interior decorators Suzanne and Melissa over to the house to add a little “frou frou” as Kendra says. However, it gets really uncomfortable when Kendra says she wants to hang a picture of herself wet over the wet bar in the den. After a moment of complete silence, the ladies just say, “Great. That makes so much sense.”

Next they go to the bedroom, which is painted a hideous shade of green because Kendra “was going for a safari theme.”  She “likes all the animals in Africa,” including “Giraffes and Kangaroos.” Oh dear.

Kendra agrees to do “an appearance” in San Diego for her brother Colin, who is starting his own entertainment company called “C-Dub.” Yes, you read that correctly. Kendra is worried about seeing her mom Patti while she’s there because since Kendra married Hank, they’ve been having problems with their relationship.

On the drive to San Diego Kendra is nervous about confronting her mom, but Hank thinks they need to talk it over in person. Kendra says she wants to “bury their problems” and  “open the door,” but Hank points out she really means, “close the door.” Good catch Hank!

After getting her make up painted on and looking like a completely different person, Kendra works her brother’s “pool party.”  She is “so proud” of Colin because he “hosted a party for San Diego.”  Se goes on to explain, saying “I mean that’s not easy to do. You know what I’m saying.” Hmm Kendra, just from looking at Colin it’s pretty clear he’s has some practice at “hosting” parties.

Kendra’s mom Patti and her grandma Mary go to the hotel to speak with Kendra. Hank awkwardly gets the conversation started and Kendra’s mom says she “truly doesn’t feel that Kendra loves her.” Kendra needs reasons, like “for real.” Patti feels that when Kendra was in the mansion they had a close relationship and now she doesn’t even keep in touch. Kendra agrees that “she could be more thoughtful,” but that with the house “her mind is so busy” that she forgets to ask her mom how she’s doing. Kendra wishes Patti could just say, “I’m so proud of my daughter.”

Colin points out that life is too short to fight with each other and Grandma Mary says, “It has to stop before you bury me.” This really has impact on Kendra, who tells her mom she “wants to be her daughter again.” Kendra wants her grandma to be happy and not see her and her mom “at war the last years of her life.” Kendra says, “She will try her hardest to let her mom know she loves her.” They hug it out and all is well again. Then Grandma Mary says, “You don’t fix anything on the Tweeter, or whatever that thing is.” Love it GMA!

Taking the first step in the right direction, Kendra invites her mom to her brother’s second event and she’s happy her family is together again.

Next week the pressure is on Hank, as he anxiously waits for the first post NFL Lockout phone call.