With the NFL lockout over, Hank still hasn’t received a phone call. Kendra asks what he wants to do if his NFL career is over and he says he would want to be a host or a commentator for a network. Awkward. Kendra is worried about money since they just bought a new house and are doing extensive renovations on it, which seem to be making no progress. Hank knows they’re worried about a lot of things “that they don’t have,” but seeing his Dad battle lung cancer has made him think about “what they do have.” You tell her Hank!

At the park, someone mistakes baby Hank for a girl and this upsets Kendra who says, “That hair, its like everything I ate throughout my pregnancy is what you see on his head. That’s still my baby. That’s still my hair and I don’t want to cut it yet.”  Hmm I may not be a mother, but that sounds a tad crazy- eh eh eh!

Hank talks about how much his Dad means to him and gets emotional over the thought of baby Hank not spending time with him. He says, “If there is anyone I want Hank to be like, even more than me, I want him to be like my Dad.”

Hank and his father visit the Playboy Mansion to see Hef and Mary. Hank and his father thank Mary and Hef for finding the best cancer doctor for him and taking care of him. That’s really generous of Hef, but after seeing him on camera, I hope he also has the best doctors. Yikes!

Kendra takes baby Hank to get his first haircut from Laurent, who used to cut Kendra’s hair when she lived at the mansion. Laurent has hair five times longer than baby Hank so of course he doesn’t want to cut it. Kendra ultimately decides she isn’t ready to cut baby Hank’s hair because “it’s still hers.” To be fair, baby Hank’s hair is pretty awesome, but I just wish she would stop calling it “hers.”

Kendra decides to let Hank make the decision over whether or not to cut baby Hank’s hair. All three Hanks go to the barber, while Kendra lounges by the pool with her friend Brittany and talks about how her camel toe got worse after having a baby.

In the car, Hank talks with his father about the lockout and not having a job. His father tells him he should take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with his family and “take the good with the bad.” Hank’s father feels good and “is not going to let something defeat him,” and seeing how positive his Dad’s attitude is while battling cancer makes him realize “there are a lot worse things out there than waiting on a call.”

At the barber Hank gets his haircut first so baby Hank can see it. It’s baby Hank’s turn and he looks adorable as he sits in the oversized chair wearing a giant cape. Cut to commercial! Do they cut his hair? Nope and Kendra is so relieved because “that’s her fluffy head, that came out of her belly.” For the ninth time Kendra says, “I can still say that’s mine.”  Now I am truly scared that when she does cut his hair she is going to save it and make a wig out of it.

At a family BBQ, Hank’s father makes a toast and says, “I couldn’t be more blessed… Cheers, we’re family and that’s all that matters and cheers to my son getting a job.”

Next week Kendra auditions for a Jon Lovitz project that looks extremely creepy, and finds out her main competition is Hef’s ex, Crystal Harris – let the claws come out!