This week Kendra plays matchmaker and Hank goes to New York to explore other job opportunities. Go Kendra, go Kendra, Hank’s unemployed now!

Hank and Kendra go to the Naven twins’ fashion line party. The Naven twins are two blonde girls who design clothes that a bunch of reality stars wear. No surprise the fashion line totally suits Kendra’s style, which means she’ll be getting a bunch of free clothes to wear at “events.” While on the “red carpet” for the party, Life & Style brings the hard-hitting journalism and asks Kendra and Hank about the NFL lockout.

Hank’s agent wants him to explore options outside the NFL and Hank finally agrees that it’s the right move. He calls his agent and tells him he’s ready to meet and he decides to go to New York. During the phone call, baby Hank proves that he’s top 5 on the list of most adorable reality-star babies (your move Life & Style magazine).

Baby Hank has a nanny named Victoria Fuller who, according to Kendra, is “young” and therefore has the energy to keep up with the baby. Ironically, Victoria is at least 15 years older than Kendra. But Kendra really needs the help since she has so much on her plate. No literally Kendra just eats a plate full of food while Victoria puts the baby down for a nap.

Victoria looks like she’s been through hell and just got divorced from her husband John, who was verbally abusive and controlling. Apparently Victoria’s four-year-old daughter wants her “to find love again” and I’m sure the child used those exact words. However, since Kendra has roughly the same mentality of a four year old, she also wants Victoria “to find love” and luckily her crazy neighbor is a matchmaker (or at least for this episode she is).

Kendra takes Victoria to meet Lisa the matchmaker and everyone is “sooo excited!!” Apparently Lisa is a relationship expert who has been “doing this for over 10 years” and is going to set Victoria up on her first date. They agree that Victoria needs to date someone who also has a kid, is creative, and has dark hair. Totally makes sense. Victoria doesn’t want a professional athlete because they’re gone a lot, which true, unless you date a guy like Hank who never keeps a job. Lisa is going to set Victoria up with a guy, and Kendra “hopes she loves his penis.” Add that to the list of things Victoria needs.

Hank arrives in New York and his agent sets up a few meetings with Perry Ellis (the clothing brand) and a new drink company to possibly make marketing deals with them. At Perry Ellis Hank tries on a few suits and this apparently lays the foundation for a future relationship with them. Side note: this kind of makes me sad.

Back at home Kendra is doing a “glamorous” photo shoot with Glamaholic magazine, which apparently does exist. Kendra is “excited when it comes to change” and thinks she might be into “this whole glamorous thing.” Kendra thinks she has what it takes to be a fashionista, “except for the big boobs.”

Lisa calls Victoria, who is babysitting Hank since Kendra is busy being glamorous. According to Lisa, this guy “Sean is dying to meet her” and he’s “tall, dark and handsome.” They’re going on a date this weekend.

Kendra skypes with Hank and tells him about setting up Victoria. Kendra thinks she’s the best person to help Victoria “get her groove back” because she’s “the best sex advice person you can get.” Also since her and Hank had sex on their second date, she “likes to pass on the advice.” Great advice!

Next week Victoria finally goes on her date and Hank realizes it’s harder to get an endorsement deal than he originally thought. Uh oh, trouble in Perrydise!