So, wow, Anya huh? Like, don’t get me wrong, I love the girl, and I wanted her to win from a purely personal level because she’s gorgeous with amazing style and an adorable accent, but let’s be real, her clothes aren’t the most complex construction-wise. I mean, definitely Viktor has the most well-made clothes, so maybe he should have won based on that. But then again! Anya does have the best style and probably the best vision of the group, so maybe she deserved to win after all? But I’m getting ahead of myself! We have a whole show to discuss first!

We begin with the usual contestant post-mortem of the previous episode. Joshua is still queening out because he wishes someone got sent home, and Anya’s accent inexplicably gets 100 times thicker. Maybe it’s a stress-related thing? Either way, she was getting dangerously close to Sebastian territory.

Moving on, Tim comes in and tells the designers that he couldn’t disagree MORE with the judges. He thought everyone’s looks were great! Well, except Anya’s. He agrees that the three looks she sent out were a straight up mess. But everyone else, even Joshua! I don’t know whether this says more about Tim’s taste or the judges’, but SOMEBODY clearly has some taste issues.

After his pep talk, he announces that each of the designers will get $500 to spend at Mood as they please. Everyone is pretty stoked by this, since this is really the first time they’ve been able to go to mood without some weird constraint they have to work under. So, everyone heads out to do some last minute fabric shopping. Anya employs a strategy of grabbing whatever tickles her fancy and Kimberly attempts to buy rhinestones until Tim is like “No! Bad!” and spritzes her with a spray bottle. Well, at least that’s what he did in my mind.

Back to the workroom! Everyone starts doing some serious overhauls of their collections, designing new shorts and skorts and dresses and caftans. The pressure of sewing together too many neon monstrosities proves to be too much for Joshua, and he has a mini-breakdown. He just says he’s so “fustrated” (SIC) because he has nothing to go back to if he loses. However, before he slits his wrists, Anya is able to talk him down from the ledge and he calms down. Aw, maybe this is the beginning of a new friendship? Or at least, the end of him talking mad shit about her? We’ll see…

Ding-dong! Tim visit! Mr. Gunn checks in with each designer, and they all seem to be kind of all over the place, except for Viktor, whose problem is he just has too many looks to choose from! In contrast, Anya basically resigns herself to not winning, saying how grateful she is just to have had the experience, and Tim is basically like “yeah, nice knowing you.” Just you wait, fools! Also, Joshua’s line has veered way off course into a neon and plastic hellscape. Also, what the hell is up with that vintage Vegas print monstrosity he keeps using?! It’s awful, and nobody is saying anything about it! Americans for Joshua’s Ugly Print Truth!

Next day! This is it! fashion week! The designers wake up, get ready, and head out to Lincoln Center at what appears to be like, 4 AM. What the hell time is this show at? Dawn? Anyway, after some shots of the designers frantically running around doing last-minute fixes, it’s time to start the show! Heidi teeters down the runway and introduces Michael, Nina, and guest judge L’Wren Scott (who looks like an old sans-tattoo Kat Von D), and then the show commences.

First up is Kimberly, whose collection I have to say was surprisingly good! I love her striped prints, particularly the first outfit she sent out with the off the shoulder blouse and blue pants. I also really liked her final dress as well. The bubble skirt from last week was still a little questionable, but other than that I thought she did a great job!

Next is Joshua, whose collection I absolutely hated. It was just a garish mess of neon,  plastic, and garish prints that made me feel like I was about to have a seizure. The only thing I thought was good was his tank top and pants outfit, but other than that, it was pretty awful IMHO.

Viktor time! His clothes all looked finished and impeccably made, like they always do, and I really liked the blue print outfits he made. However, I wasn’t a big fan of  all the see-through black lace bondage dresses. Like, seriously, who is going to actually wear a sheer ball gown over black panties, except for maybe Lady Gaga? So yeah, making that half the focus of his collection was maybe a mistake.

Anya is last, with a collection that is surprisingly good, considering she basically had nothing at the end of last week’s episode. Her first dress was really pretty, and all the subsequent looks were great as well. On the negative, they were a bit same-y, and none of them looked like they were that complex in the construction department. But yeah, they were still great. Go Anya!

End of fashion show! After some footage of D-list celebrities  gushing about the collections, it’s back to the mystery Project Runway studio for final judging. They liked Kimberly’s collection and point of view, and thought Joshua’s outfits were superb (seriously? SERIOUSLY?! ARE YOU BLIND? AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS?! Clearly, I must know nothing about fashion if Joshua is a “good” designer.). They also praised Anya for her improvement and strong point of view and Viktor for his craftsmanship, although they weren’t big fans of his lace fetishwear either.

The judges deliberate and then call everyone back in. After praising each designer again, Kimberly is the first eliminated, followed by Viktor. Both of them seem a bit surprised, especially Viktor, but they handle things with admirable grace. This is not the case, however, when Joshua learns that he didn’t win. Homeboy starts bawling and giving back-handed compliments to Anya like the true jerk that he is.

But that doesn’t matter! Anya won, and she’s super stoked! The more I think about it, she definitely deserved to win. Sure, she may not have had the best sewing skills of the group, but what she does have is great style, vision, and a clear aesthetic. Like, out of all the designers, she’s the only one who gave a sense of who they are as a designer. Besides, how many designers actually have to be able to sew amazingly anyway? Isn’t that why you hire people. So yeah, congrats Anya! You deserve it, regardless of what Joshua or anyone else has to say.

So folks, that’s it! Another season of Project Runway in the can! I have to say, this season wasn’t my favorite. Sure, I liked Anya, and there was mild drama, but I felt like something was missing. Maybe it was the lack of a strong villain or a real knock-your-socks-off designer, but things just felt a little flat. I dunno, maybe America is running out of suitable PR contestants, or maybe I’m just slowly becoming a joyless curmudgeon. Either way, I’m excited for next year when Project Runway All-Stars comes in to town. With the characters they’re inviting back there’s sure to be some drama. But in the meantime, congrats Anya! I wish you and your Caribbean fabulosity all the best!