The six remaining groups from the second week compete in their own round of radio hits and sixties classics.  We open with a full group rendition of “Rhythm of Love” by The Plain White T’s”  Ugh.

Nick Lachey provides some fluff by defining accappella for us again and reintroducing the judges for the fourth time.  Honestly, if you don’t know at this point, you shouldn’t be watching this show.  I think I might see how fast I can watch this show if I fast-forwarded through all the fluff.

Like last week, we kick off with the radio hits.  Round One, here we go.

Deltones (aka “The College Kids)

  • Song:  “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga
  • My Thoughts:  Solid performance, but not nearly as much energy as you’d think a Lady Gaga song would bring.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben did a southern accent and thought it sounded county.

Pentatonix (aka “The Kids Who Sing At Starbucks”)

  • Song:  “Your Love Is My Drug” by Ke$ha
  • My Thoughts:  Let’s see how many people can sing in falsetto.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben felt the arrangement had its problems and Sara announced that something “blew her face off”.  Are we going to see that on “The Soup”?  Sara also thinks Ke$ha is scary.

The Collective (aka “The Nashville Pros”)

  • Song: “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement
  • My Thoughts:  They still sound like a bunch of soloists trying desperately to sing together.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  All the judges were impressed that Rachel managed to pull off the solo despite her laryngitis.

North Shore (aka “The Bowling Shirt Wielding Mobsters)

  • Song:  “Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars
  • My Thoughts: They have had the most fun of any group up there so far tonight.  There’s something to be said for that.  Plus, I like props.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  The judges agree that their personality really came out with this song and that it was really well suited to their group.

Dartmouth Aires (aka “Those Preppy College Guys That Don’t Wear Yellow”

  • Song: “Animal” by Neon Trees
  • My Thoughts:  I like the plaid.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  All of them loved how excited and how much energy they brought to the performance.

Sonos (aka “That Group You Forgot About”)

  • Song:  “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
  • My Thoughts:  This group still annoys me and I’m mad that I’m not listening to the African refugees that were sent home instead of them.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  The judges’ see a lot of improvement here, but are not digging the arrangement.

We’re only halfway through and the groups are back with their 60s classic.


  • Song:  “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin
  • My Thoughts:  Interesting choice having the boy take the lead on this song.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  All the judges noted how interesting the arrangement was and even though it was a little slow at times and a little pitchy, they really enjoyed it.


  • Song:  “Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes
  • My Thoughts:  I love The Supremes.  Like I love them in a weird way.  And this group nails it.  Great choice.  Everything about this classic was great!  Easily my favorite performance of the night, possibly of the season.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  I’m still not sure what “pitchy” means, but this group was doing that too.

North Shore

  • Song:  “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers
  • My Thoughts:  Again, I know nothing about music, but I would think it’d be much harder to such a slow song because you have to hold the notes longer, making it more noticeable if you’re off.  That being said, these guys were not off in the slightest.  They could win this thing.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben tries to poke holes in it, but fails.

The Collective

  • Song:  “Hold On, I’m Coming” by Sam and Dave
  • My Thoughts:  This group finally seemed to come into its own during the second half of this song with a beautiful falsetto.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben wants to seem them more out of control because strangely enough, that’s when the group actually shows some unity.


  • Song:  “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5
  • My Thoughts:  Their arrangement made this song almost unrecognizable.  Why would you drastically change a song that was a #1 hit?
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Shawn totally stole my note.  Totally.

Dartmouth Aires

  • Song:  “Pinball Wizard” by “The Who”
  • My Thoughts:  Their voices aren’t flawless, but these guys know how to entertain!
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  All the judges love them, who doesn’t?

It’s time for elimination!  Who’s going home?  Sonos.  Hopefully the judges are reading these recaps.  Sonos makes their exit to, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men.  Two thoughts:

  1. It’s not that hard to say goodbye.
  2. It’s too late to kiss ass.

Next week the top ten come together and it’s one big competition from here on out!