It’s Hip-Hop night so the eight remaining groups decide to open with “Beautiful Girls” by Bruno Mars.  Clearly the genre does not apply to the opening number.

Nick Lachey continues to annoy me by turning sixteen minutes worth of performances into a two-hour show.  I know it’s not Nick Lachey doing it, but he is the manifestation of it so that’s where my energy is going.

There is a twist tonight: rather than eliminating two groups, the two bottom groups will sing another song in a battle to win safety from elimination.  Let’s see where this goes!


Dartmouth Aires  (aka “Those Preppy College Guys That Don’t Wear Yellow”)

  • Song:  “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida
  • My Thoughts:  Super high-energy performance and they were smart enough to put their black guy in the lead.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben and Nick rapped for awhile.  Sara announced how much she loves this show.

Afro Blue (aka “The Black Group With One White Girl That No One Talks About”)

  • Song:  “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees
  • My Thoughts:  This is their song.  They made it sound like it was written for them.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  They agreed with what I said, because I’m brilliant.


The Collective (aka “The Nashville Pros”)

  • Song:  “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull
  • My Thoughts:  This group still fails to wow me.  It feels like they’re just up there going through the motions.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  The judge’s all agree that they are improving, but Ben noted that they still aren’t understanding the science of being an accapella group.


Vocal Point (aka “The Mormons”)

  • Song:  “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy (dedicated to singer Ben’s father who just died)
  • My Thoughts:  The arrangement was great and they really made it their own.  The background voices were beautiful.  Plus, with the dead dad dedication, you can’t lose.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Ben Fold’s almost cried, but the judges did hear some key issues for the first time tonight.


Of the first four groups, the judges determine that The Collective is the bottom performer and they will head to the battle to “sing for their lives.”  Question:  do they kill them after the Swan Song?

Urban Method (aka “The Rappers”)

  • Song:  “Airplanes” by B.o.B.
  • My Thoughts:  This is totally their genre.  I would have been shocked if they didn’t dominate this song.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  This is what they do and they do it well.  Then Ben talked in technical terms that I don’t understand.


Pentatonix  (aka “The Kids Who Sing At Starbucks”)

  • Song:  “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West
  • My Thoughts:  I know they’re talented, but this group just annoys me.  I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth ever since the Starbucks incident.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Shawn thought it was so good it made him sick to his stomach.


Delilah  (aka “The Girl Group”)

  • Song:  “How To Love” by Lil Wayne
  • My Thoughts:  They slowed it down and to be honest, I was bored by the time the beat box came in.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Shawn loved it so clearly I’m wrong.  Sara used the phrase “lady nads”.


Yellow Jackets  (aka “The College Guys Who Went To Africa That One Time”)

  • Song:  “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco
  • My Thoughts:  They followed Darmouth’s lead and put their black guy in front.  Still, their performance felt a little off.  I’m not fancy with the words like Ben, I just think it just seemed like they weren’t together or something.
  • Judges’ Thoughts:  Sara thought it was fast.  Maybe that’s what it was.


Nick Lachey announces that The Yellow Jackets are going to the elimination round and now it’s BATTLE TIME!!!  I feel like several N64 video game characters should be present for this.  According to Nick this is going to be a historic battle.  I don’t know if he really understands what “historic” means.

Both teams have to perform “Just A Dream” by Nelly and whoever does it better gets to stay.  The Collective added in “if you’re loving The Collective put your hands up”.  The Yellow Jackets put their black guy back in the lead.  In my opinion, as much as I don’t want to say it, The Collective gave a much better, more cohesive performance.  I actually think it was one of their best.  But it doesn’t really matter what I think, the judges get to decide.  Shawn picks Yellow Jackets while Ben picks The Collective.  Sara is forced to actually take a stand and picks the Yellow Jackets.  The Collective exits to their swan song, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan.