Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: All-Star Edition: The girls traveled to Greece and had a photo shoot inside a big bowl of Greek salad. Shannon refused to model in underwear that looked like a bathing suit. Allison introduced us to a new medical malady called “vampire vision.” Shannon got sent home.

The episode opens with beautiful shots of Crete, Greece. Dominique talks about getting best photo and being the dark horse. She says she has “two, like, beautiful children,” and this time around she’s doing it for her family. Angelea wonders why she’s been in the bottom two so much and Dominique hasn’t. Allison is wearing a swan on her head. Lisa says her main competition is Allison, even though she thinks she looks like she’s dead.

Laura says Angelea needs to have more self-confidence. They’re focusing a lot on Angelea, which means she’s either going to get top photo or get sent home this week.

Tyra Mail! “Tomorrow you’ll meet with the judges…Fierce and Love, Tyra.” Could this be a surprise elimination? Laura says she’s scared to death.

The girls leave the house and meet up with Miss Jay. He says so far they’ve been judged by the experts, now it’s time to be judged by their peers. Laura says it’s set up like a casting, but they’re going to be judged by each other. Dominique says that Laura is a little country, and a white girl with sass. Angelea says that Lisa’s walk was sloppy. Lisa says that Allison showed no confidence, and that she would make her walk again. Lisa says that Angelea’s attitude is really bad. Angelea says that Dominique was trying to give too much attitude to the point where she was stumbling.

They go through each other’s photo books, and then Miss Jay asks them each who they think doesn’t deserve to win America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars. Laura says she would never say someone doesn’t deserve to be there; Allison agrees. Lisa won’t name anyone either.

Dominique says Angelea because she lacks confidence. Dominique and Laura both say that they love Angelea, but she needs to love herself too. Angelea gets defensive, and Laura goes off the rails trying to tell her that she’s beautiful and that she just needs more confidence. There is lots of drama! Angelea does the 716 clappy thing where girls talk and clap loudly. Angelea starts crying and walks out. Laura starts crying too and says she’s actually trying to compliment Angelea.

Miss Jay walks out to talk to Angelea; he’s wearing some kind of toga and he sits down and crosses his legs and shows A LOT of thigh. It’s sassy though. Angelea tells Miss Jay that Dominique is attacking her because she can do what Dominique can’t and can go to panel and be herself in front of the judges. Miss Jay gets her to come back inside, and she stands back up in front of the girls. She says no one else deserves to win America’s Next Top Model.

The girls each have to rank who has the best model walk, the best portfolio, and the best overall “star quality.” Lisa says that Angelea has a mild case of “everyone owes me” and that she’s not ready for the big time yet. They each go off separately to vote, and then Miss Jay announces the scores. The overall weakest, with the least potential, is Allison. The overall strongest was Laura. Miss Jay says it has been the most interesting challenge he has been to.

Because they’ve been under so much stress, a former model and Crete socialite, Twylem Pyper, is going to take the girls out on a boat for a great time. They’re on a yacht and Twylem says they’re going to a cove to go swimming, and then she’s going to take them out. They go swimming, and Dominique, Angelea, and Laura have to wear life vests. No comment.

They go to a club, and apparently Twylem likes to drink a lot. She keeps giving the girls shots of 100 proof alcohol. Allison keeps throwing the shots over her shoulder; Dominique has some random guy taking her shots for her. Lisa just says she’s not drinking (maybe “Celebrity Rehab” shows in Greece so they all just understand?).

Tyra Mail! No words, just a Greek picture. Allison is hoping it will be a beauty shot incorporated with statues or Greek goddesses.

The girls meet up with Jay Manuel, who says for their photo shoot the girls are going to be using fashion accessories that recreate sports from the original Olympics. Their photographer for the shoot is Nigel Barker. He says he wants them to embody the incredible, classic athleticism that the ancient Olympics were all about.

Dominique Reighard – Cycle 10

Dominique is re-enacting the javelin throw. She actually holds the javelin backwards at first, but it really looks the exact same forward as backwards.

Allison Harvard – Cycle 12

Allison recreates the discus throw. Instead of a discus she is using a purse (or handbag as Nigel calls it). Nigel tells her to imagine she’s the goddess of wind.

Lisa D’Amato – Cycle 5

Lisa is recreating the hurdles, which is kind of not fair because the panel has said they don’t want any more photos of her jumping. Nigel tells her it’s okay to jump.

Laura Kirkpatrick – Cycle 13

Laura re-enacts archery. She says her sister can kill with a bow, because her family’s gotta eat, haha. I actually like her look the best; she has this really cool veil with gems on it.

Angelea Preston – Cycle 14

Angelea’s theme was shot put, but Angelea calls it the pit shot and then the putt shot. Instead of the big heavy shot put, she uses a shell. They have her inside a shot put type circle, but she has no idea what she’s supposed to be doing. Lisa says she’s not projecting confidence in her photo shoot, and Nigel says she looks awkward.

The girls go back to the house, and they’re all worried about panel. Dominique says that when Nigel was the photographer on her cycle, she went home. Angelea thinks the only thing that will save her is her personality.


Tyra says it’s weird seeing less and less girls every week…um, that’s what happens when one girl gets eliminated each week, Tyra. She’s wearing a weird vesty pantsuit with a really deep-V white collared shirt. Nigel says Allison looks like a kewpie doll, but André is aghast that one of her high heels is sunk into the ground. They all like Lisa’s photo even though she’s jumping. André says Dominique’s leg in her photo is weak sauce like butter! I love the phrase “weak sauce,” yay André Leon Talley! Nigel says it was a tough shoot, and André says it’s the first time he’s heard a photographer make an excuse for a model; Nigel looks sheepish.

Angelea’s photo is horrible. Miss Jay says it looks like she’s on the beach throwing her bag to her girlfriend. Nigel says he was very impressed with Laura; Tyra says she loves that Laura is smizing. Nigel says Allison is not athletic, and that the process to get to her photo was tough. André says Lisa is not jumping enough for her; Miss Jay says he doesn’t like her facial expression, but Nigel says he thinks she looks dreamy. Nigel says Dominique is not memorable. Miss Jay talks about Angelea’s outburst at the challenge, and Tyra asks what if that happened when she was an EXTRA correspondent.

Tyra says her usual spiel – she has 5 beautiful young ladies standing before her, but she only has 4 photos in her hands.

  1. Laura gets best photo
  2. Allison
  3. Lisa

It comes down to Angelea and Dominique. Dominique has taken beautiful photos week after week, but she’s not memorable. Angelea has taken really nice photos, not as nice as Dominique’s, but she’s memorable. And she’s memorable for breaking under pressures. Surprise! Dominique gets sent home.

4. Angelea

Coming up, on the next episode of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars: The girls are going to be directed by Tyra in some kind of video. Tyson Beckford shows up.

Who do you think will go home next? I think Angelea’s fiery disposition will be her downfall and she will get sent home. Laura just might be the dark horse in this competition.