Kendra is at a meeting with the company Ab Cuts, which she is a spokesperson for. As the owner Matt rambles on about their new product and how it’s going to Wal-Mart and has a “Cortisol blocker,” Kendra isn’t paying attention and instead blurts out that she wants a Hot Pocket. Honestly I don’t know what’s worse for her, the Hot Pocket or the Ab Cuts? Actually it sounds like the ideal diet for an ex playboy bunny. They decide that while she’s out on her book tour, Kendra will make a stop in New Jersey to promote Ab Cuts. Let’s face it; New Jersey is probably the only state actually buying Ab Cuts.

The first stop on Kendra’s book tour is in Indianapolis, which is special to her because baby Hank was born there. The Barnes & Noble is full of people waiting to get their copies of Kendra’s new book signed, which is good sign for Kendra and scary one for the human race.

Kendra visits with her former doctor and the hospital staff that delivered baby Hank and says that when she’s pregnant again she’s going to come back to deliver the baby. Apparently Kendra doesn’t realize you can’t fly when you’re nine months pregnant. Then she visits their old house and we get a montage of old clips of her sitting on the couch while she was pregnant. Looks like the editor was a little short on footage this week.

Despite not being on a team, Hank still trains with his NFL trainer just in case he gets the phone call…. This is getting awkward.

Next stop for Kendra is Chicago and a radio show hosted by the shock jock Mancow. Kendra has some ongoing “beef” with Mancow, which basically started when he said he didn’t think, “moms should be sexy.” I mean Mancow haven’t you heard the opening credits? “She’s hot, she’s sexy, she’s fun and wild. Go Kendra!” Shame on you.

When Kendra walks into the studio, Mancow immediately makes fun of her “entourage.” Then they start talking about “being sexy” and Kendra says, “she got her sexy back.” Just as these two are about to wage the great “is she sexy or isn’t she” debate, Hank calls in and starts talking about their sex life. Since Mancow is a total creeper he loves the conversation and we learn that Hank and Kendra have sex on the new island in their kitchen, which they had specially made to be exactly Hank’s height. Oh dear.

Now Kendra is in Philadelphia, also another former residence of Kendra and Hank, while he played for the Eagles. Kendra had “some tough times” in Philadelphia and is scared that no one is going to show up for the signing. Of course people show up, including three girls who drove all the way from Boston, and had the most phenomenal/ frightening Boston accents. However, the scariest thing is the somewhat normal looking blonde girl, practically sobbing saying,” You’re my role model.” Yikes!

After the signing, Kendra goes out to dinner with her friend Julie, whose husband John is also a football player. They discuss the perils of “life after football” and Julie says, “It can be exciting.” Ha, says, the woman whose husband is still on an NFL team.

After dinner Kendra and Hank Skype and they talk about “how far they’ve come in the last two years.” Awww you two!

Next week it’s Hank’s 10-year high school reunion and Kendra pretends that she’s too jealous to go because of all his ex girlfriends.