Now that Hank is “out of a job” Kendra has to work harder.  Of course this means she has to take off her clothes a lot more. Kendra does a “sexy” photo shoot for her new lingerie line and when Hank walks in the room he asks to speak with her. He’s unhappy that the shoot is so revealing but she reminds him that someone has to pay the bills. Can someone remind him that he married a Playboy Bunny?

Brian (Kendra’s agent) calls and says Jon Lovitz wants her to audition for his new comedy competition show. Kendra and Jon are like “best friends” and “go way back” to her days at the mansion. Jon Lovitz is creepy? Of course! She talks about how the first time she met Jon, she was topless and again Hank is uncomfortable with this. Again Hank, really? Your wife had orgies with an 85-year-old man!

To prepare for her audition Kendra meets with professional newscaster, Suzanne Sena. Kendra has to read from the teleprompter and as her and Suzanne rehearse in front of a green screen she struggles with essentially every sentence. No surprise there. Then they bring in a co-host (some tool named Alex), so she can practice “banter.” Kendra can’t stop laughing and isn’t taking it seriously but we do learn that between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, if she was “going to f*ck someone it would be Angelina.”

Then Kendra meets with more former news hosts (Bob and Joan) to prepare her and she’s still struggling to read off the teleprompter. She’s getting frustrated so Joan tells her to start adlibbing about Baby Hank, a trampoline, and broccoli.

Hank encourages Kendra to be herself. He tells her “to not care what anyone thinks” and reminds her that the first thing she said to him was that “she just took a crap.” Hank goes on to say that it didn’t scare him off and he reminds her that he told her “I just finished taking a crap too.” Of course this is all being said as the sentimental library music plays. Ahh these kids are just too cute! And say what you will, this marriage has lasted longer than 72 days.

Kendra sees Jon and this makes her feel more comfortable, until he says that it’s “down to her and Crystal Harris,” who is Hef’s “Runaway Bride.” Kendra looks shocked, but of course Jon is joking. They start the audition process and Jon is just as bad as Kendra, but their chemistry is “so good” that it ends up being “hilarious.” Kendra gets the job! Yay! You know Kendra is thinking “See Hank? Now it’s your turn.” Then again I’m not sure she’s ever thinking.

Next week Kendra is on tour promoting her new book Being Kendra and I’m assuming by the end of the introduction you’ll be expected to have implants.