Hank’s friend Lee calls about his high school reunion. Hank is excited but also nervous because things with his career are so up in the air.  Kendra says football is such a small part of who he is and that there is so much more to him, like being a husband and father. She “couldn’t be prouder” of him. And I couldn’t be prouder of how clear Kendra expresses this sentiment.

Kendra doesn’t know if she can go because “she’s a jealous person” and she doesn’t want to think about his ex-girlfriends and his past. Umm Kendra you lived at the Playboy mansion and had a sex tape come out.

Kendra and Eddie try to decide what she’s going to wear. Kendra wants to be conservative and not look like a girl from LA and Eddie thinks she should be Kendra. Hmm I’m going to have to agree with Kendra on this one. Her ingenious game plan is to pack as much turquoise because it’s Southwestern and they’re going to the Southwest.

They arrive at Hank’s parent’s house and they get good news about his Dad’s battle with cancer. The cancer is contained and he’s doing great. Then Kendra finds out that Hank’s friends are taking him bird hunting. She isn’t happy because she doesn’t agree with hunting but Hank’s father assures her that it’s for food and that they’re going to eat them. Very reassuring.

There’s a big scene about bird hunting and wrapping them in bacon. I wont’ go into much detail because its mildly disturbing, but Hank does shoot one.

Meanwhile at home Kendra and Hank’s mom look at pictures of Hank in high school. His mom says he played sports, was popular, and made good grades. Then they get to pictures of Hank and his ex-girlfriend Gina and another girl Lindsay, who was “just his friend.” Kendra is “jealous.”

Hank and his friends meet Hank senior and his friends at the local diner. They all make fun of each other and laugh a lot while the country twang library music plays in the background. However, the country twang comes to a halt when they ask what’s happening with football. Hank is uncomfortable but he “faces his demons” and tells them he’s a free agent. He realizes that being around the people that knew him before “he had it all” makes him feel supported.

When Hank gets home Kendra is upset and he initially thinks it’s about the hunting. She explains that she saw a picture of his girlfriends and that she’s worried because her grandma met her second husband at a reunion. Go Grandma! Kendra doesn’t think she can go, because she’s “too nervous about it.” He says that he’s so proud of her and “has never been happier in his life than when he’s with her.” She realizes she needs to “leave the past in the past” and agrees to do go to the reunion and do her best. Side note Kim Kardashian should watch these two and realize what a reality TV relationship should be. Yeah I said it, go Kendra!

Hank gets a call from his agent, who says the Detroit Lions want him to go work out with the team, which is basically a try out. That’s great!! Now let’s celebrate by cooking up the birds! Hank and Hank senior eat the birds but they have to chew slowly because they might find a bullet. I mean really?

The following day Hank goes to his high school to watch a football game and give the team a pep talk. It’s a really sweet moment and then some old guy outside asks Kendra to sign her Playboy magazine cover.

Time for the reunion and it’s exactly how you imagine a reunion – awkward. Kendra is obsessed with finding his girlfriends and Hank points out that one of them is sitting at the other table with her husband. Kendra meets his prom date Lindsey and even though she wants to hate her she’s so nice that she can’t. They all get along and even take a pic! The reunion is a success and Hank even wins an award for “Least Changed.” Is that a good thing?

On their way back to LA they can’t wait to see their finished house, which was being worked on while they were gone. After Kendra picked 45 hideous paint colors and realized she cannot decorate a house, they finally hired a decorator and of course it looks amazing.

As her and both Hanks put their handprints in the cement outside, Kendra reflects on her life and how far she’s come and she “couldn’t be more thankful.” Now that Kendra’s dreams have come true, she’s “going to create new ones,” which I’m sure involve a season 5 of Kendra. Go Kendra, go Kendra, go Kendra, go Kendra!