Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: All-Star Edition: Angelea had a temper tantrum when the other girls said she needed to have more confidence in herself. The girls partied it up with Greece’s Paris Hilton, Twylem Pyper. They had a photo shoot where they re-enacted scenes from the ancient Greek Olympics. Dominique got sent home.

The scene opens with beautiful shots of Crete, Greece. The girls are riding back to their villa from judging. Angelea camera talks that Dominique was a hater. Lisa camera talks that she thinks Angelea’s outburst was just one of many to come. She says it’s survival of the fittest and then creepily says that she goes the distance.

The girls get back to their house and Laura’s winning photo is up on the television. Laura says her whole life she’s been an itty bitty farm girl, and that getting runner up in her cycle was awesome, but being in the top 4 of the all stars cycle is even better.

The next day, the girls meet Nigel Barker in some kind of boutique. He says they’re going to be auditioning for their future boss, editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani. Their assignment is to write a blog post about fashion. They must pick an outfit from the shop that they’re in, find a location on the island, and take photos, including one photo of themselves. They then have to go back to their house and write a blog post – all in under three hours. The best blogger will win a seven-night trip for two back to Crete. (I’m just going to say, out of all the challenges on this show, I would totally take this one.)

Lisa picks out her outfit first and asks her driver to take her to where he would take his girlfriend to make love. Angelea asks her translator where the ghetto is, and Allison wants to go to an abandoned building. Allison is wearing a red wide brimmed hat with a leopard print scarf underneath, and big sunglasses to cover her vampire vision. Laura is the last to leave the store and she asks to go to a boat dock. She says she has her own blog, but it’s mostly pictures because she’s dyslexic.

Lisa takes pictures in front of places people would be interested in going to, like clubs and restaurants. So apparently her driver is something of an exhibitionist, eh? Laura pulls up to her location and Allison is already there, so she has to go to a different part of the beach. Angelea goes to a place that she thinks is “more urban.” After taking her pictures she gets a scared look on her face and says let’s get outta here, and they said you couldn’t act! Allison is the last one to show up at the house. Nigel shows up and says he’s going to send the blogs to Franca and they will announce the winner the next night.

Tyra Mail! “You want to be there. You know you do. Don’t lie, dahling. The day of discovery is upon us. Can you find your SMIZE? Fierce and Love, Tyra.

The next day, the girls meet Jay Manuel on the set of one of Greece’s most popular television series, The Island. He tells them they’re going to be directed in a “motion editorial” by Tyra Banks. Tyra says they’re going to bring her best-selling novel, Model Land, to life in her motion editorial. Tyra sells her book like her life depends on it, and tells the girls they will each be representing a version of the book’s main character, “Tookie.”

Tyra makes the girls run around the town wearing long yellow gowns and big warrior head pieces. At one point, Angelea is running like an animated version of herself, and Tyra has to tell her to run like a normal person. Lisa gets her own scene about a mom and a baby doll that she’s obsessed with…cah-razy. Laura has to search through the trash for a button, but she kind of just looks insane. Then she puts on a long white dress and she has to keep eating whipped cream and spraying it in her mouth.

Allison’s vampire vision rears its ugly head and she can’t open her eyes wide during one of the scenes. In her own individual scene, Allison gets to dress like a cat and play with a kitten, and she says it’s like a dream come true. She also has to play with a blood orange. Laura says it’s right up Allison’s alley because it’s so bizarre.

Angelea has a scene where she has to act out her poor relationship with her father. She has to play with some kind of weird gross-ass toothbrush, and she’s crying hysterically…this whole “motion editorial” is cray cray.

Nigel calls Franca Sozzani to discuss the blog posts. She says Allison’s post – “Pumpkin & Persephone” is a little short; Nigel says it’s high follutin’. Franca says Laura’s post went deeper than Allison’s, but it still didn’t have many interesting points. She also says Laura is sexy, and Nigel says when you meet her she’s not sexy. Franca says she likes Lisa’s different kind of blog and it could be good if she talked about fashion more. Franca says she likes Angelea’s blog because it mentions fashion as well as the “rugged streets,” but Nigel says she has a tendency to blow up.

Back at the house, the girls are eating dinner when Nigel shows up and announces Angelea is the winner. Lisa says her win came out of right field, which is maybe more random than left field?

The next day, the girls continue shooting the “motion editorial,” and Tyson Beckford shows up for the video. All the girls are twitterpated. Angelea freaks out and gets her “O” face on when she gives him a hug. Tyra is in the video too, of course. She gets all cray cray with her bad self. The girls have to run up a rocky hill, and I’m kind of afraid for their lives. Allison says she’s nervous for panel because of how her vampire vision affected her performance at the shoot. Angelea says she’s going to come like a thief in the night and kill the competition, which is totally 716 because thieves in other parts of the country don’t actually murder people.

Allison Harvard – Cycle 12

Lisa D’Amato – Cycle 5

Laura Kirkpatrick – Cycle 13

Angelea Preston – Cycle 14


Tyra does the annoying thing where she sings who the judges are. She’s wearing a weird tan/beige business shirt/cape with suspenders. They will be viewing part 1 of the film at this judging, and they will view part 2 at the finale of this cycle next week. The film is actually pretty bold and interesting, but it still doesn’t make me want to read the book…okay maybe it does a little bit.

Nigel says the crying scene of Angelea was stunning, but her running is comedic. Tyson says Laura needs to learn how to ignore the camera, while Allison needs to learn to find it better. André says Lisa’s running was fabulous and dramatic. Tyra says Lisa gave her chills. The judges agree that Allison was the most visually interesting, but she’s not interesting in real life. Unlike “The Game,” Tyson Beckford is clearly not a fan of Allison Harvard.

They show the judges still arguing about who should go home 1.5 hours later, and the executive producer tells them they have to make a decision. Tyra says this is the longest it’s ever taken to make a decision in America’s Next Top Model history.

Tyra does not say her usual spiel – she says she has 4 beautiful young ladies standing before her, and that she has to say this deliberation was not easy, but a decision has been made. The 3 girls who are called will walk in the final runway show.

  1. Lisa gets best performance
  2. Angelea gets runner up

It comes down to Allison and Laura. Nooooooooooo…these girls are my favorites! Laura has the most bubbly personality, but can being sweet and peachy make it in high fashion? Allison is quirky and stands apart, but she is introverted and shy too. Allison’s uniqueness prevailed, but next week Tyra says she has to push the personality. Laura starts crying and it’s really sad. I kind of want to cry too when she’s doing her final wrap up. I want to be besties with her.

3. Allison

Coming up, on the final episode of America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars: The final three walk the runway in a weird-ass fashion show for the title of America’s Next All Star Model.