Apparently the networks are no longer canceling shows, but are simply just pulling them from the schedule.  Who will be forced to take the plunge? And what went wrong?

ABC’s second lowest rated show, Man Up!, has been pulled from the schedule after only airing eight of its initial thirteen episode order.  ABC didn’t even let the show make it to mid-season and has pre-emptively replaced it with episodes of Last Man Standing.  Why did it die?  One theory is poor promotion. I wouldn’t have known the show existed hadn’t it been for my own TV preview article.  Or it could be that it sucked.  I only made it through about nine minutes through the premiere before turning it off.

Man Up! isn’t the only ABC show walking the plank right now.  Pan Am is in trouble.  Stars have tweeted that the show has been cancelled, but ABC is insisting that plane hasn’t crashed just yet.  No one really knows what’s going on.  Perez Hilton claims it’s cancelled, but AOL says it’s not.  Regardless, with this much cancellation buzz, things can’t be good.  Pan Am premiered to amazing ratings that have dropped by more than half since September.  Production costs are probably high with a period drama and with ratings in steep decline, ABC is most likely inclined to cut their losses before they really start to lose money.  Personally, I’m a fan of the show and will be somewhat sad to see it go, but the simple fact that it shows up on my DVR is what keeps me watching, nothing more.  It’s a little blah.

NBC has joined the trend of letting shows die a slow, silent death. They have simply shut down production on the critically acclaimed, but minimally watched, Prime Suspect.  Up against Private Practice and The Mentalist (two shows loved by Prime’s prime demographic, moms) this “original” premise of a female driven procedural didn’t really stand a chance.  I’m amazed it lasted this long.

The last new show missing from the mid-season line-up is Fox’s Allen Gregory.  Jonah Hill’s animated series had a prime spot in the middle of the Fox Sunday animation block, but has continued to decline in ratings since it’s premiere.  Recently, it was out-performed by a rerun of The Simpsons.  Then again, I bet most shows would be out-performed by reruns of The Simpsons, which is probably why you can find it on TV at pretty much any given time.  Regardless, not good.

With these four shows certain to be cancelled before May, who will be next to walk the plank?  I still predict A Gifted Man.