The 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show started off as sexy as ever. Beyond the stunningly gorgeous models, their ridiculously lanky legs, and the famous, one of a kind “Angel wings,” the show was everything I expected: creativity, attention to detail, and the most beautiful fantasy broadcast on TV.

There was so much packed into the hour-long special that at times I didn’t know where to look. The jaw-dropping creations, excellent performances, and contagious energy of the show kept me on the edge of my couch. I loved the footage of the immense amount of work and chaos that went into the production. Castings, fittings, drawings, lighting, lipgloss, and hairspray formed the foundation, while candid interviews, highlights of past shows, and unscripted screw-ups served as the glue. They even showed Adriana Lima getting stuck in her superhero-inspired garb and almost missing her turn to walk. I suppose the pics of the models as kids and shots of them dancing backstage in skimpy undies were supposed to serve as opportunities to humanize the beauties and their unfathomable proportions. Yeah; sure. We’ll leave it at that.

There was a star-studded audience, including a very excited Orlando Bloom who was on his feet giving a multiple standing ovations, acting as though he had never seen girls in lingerie before. If his reaction was any indicator, the show was even hotter in person than it was in my living room. A prego Beyonce looked stunning as she cheered on Kanye West, and her hubby Jay-Z as they ripped the stage with “Ball So Hard.” The duo even took a quick walk down the runway after they were done performing and got their own taste of what it means to be an Angel.

Nicki Minaj performed “Super Bass” (again), and actually did it justice this time. She ogled the models like Herman Cain allegedly ogles every woman in a 30 mile radius. It got kind of creepy at one point, and I thought for sure she was going to give VS a bigger show than they bargained for. But she didn’t. Instead she pranced, danced, skipped and rapped down the runway donning every neon color ever imagined. Perhaps she can finally hang this one up, and give us another catchy hit to jam to. If not, I just might have to boycott until she gets the point.

One thing I can always say about the VSFS is that it gets bigger and better every year. This year featured all the elegance, glam, sensuality, fun, innocence, and ingenuity that I have come to expect. I know it just ended, but I am already looking forward to next year.