It’s true, divorce has always been above the norm when it comes to celebrity marriages but lately celebrity divorces just seem untamed! Celebrity marriages are redefining the sanctity of marriage. Though not done intentionally, divorce is becoming the new Hollywood trend and from that has developed three celebrity subtrends: Proclaiming publicly that your spouse is doing great once you have filed for divorce, inability to separate fairytale love from reality and infidelity.

In recent weeks Zooey Deschanel filed for divorce from Death Cab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard after more than two years of marriage. Although the couple has not said much about the divorce, Deschanel did state, “We’re friendly. It’s all fine.” Deschanel is a product of celebrity subtrend number 1: Divorcing your spouse and then making a public statement which implies that your spouse is OK. Is it really “all fine” for Gibbard?

Russell Brand filed for divorce from California girl, Katy Perry on December 31, 2011 after just 14 months of marriage. At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Perry performed a song that she wrote for Brand called “Not Like the Movies.” In her song, she sings about the countless “Disney” fairytale love stories that got us all into trouble. In Perry’s song she says that if it’s not like the movies … that’s how it ‘should’ be. The singer’s song implies that you should wait for your prince charming – wait until it feels just like the movies because that is how love is suppose to be. Unfortunately, Perry got it all wrong. Unconditional love that makes a marriage last is ‘not like the movies’ … that is how it should ‘never’ be. This tragedy lands Perry and Brand on celebrity subtrend number 2: Inability to separate fairytale love from reality. Such instances of marriages gone wrong and then divorces becoming difficult are not exclusive to celebrities. Day in and day out, normal people go through the same thing too, which is when an efficient divorce lawyer comes into the picture. Divorce Lawyer Perth is one such firm which has been helping its clients with the entire process of divorce since many years.

Kobe Bryant’s wife of 10 years, Vanessa Bryant, filed for divorce on December 1, 2011. Sources say that Vanessa decided to end her marriage due to Kobe’s excessive cheating. Cheating is never acceptable placing Kobe in subtrend number 3: Infidelity.

From Demi Moore filing for divorce from Ashton Kutcher to Jennifer Lopez filing for divorce from Marc Anthony – celebrity divorce is on the rise!  We can only hope that newly engaged couples like Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves break the Hollywood divorce trend and subtrends and make longevity in celebrity marriages a new standard. Here’s to trying for 2012 celebrity marriages. Cheers!