Penny is in a serious “relash” (well, for this week at least) with a “pharmacist” (actually teacher), named Shawn. He’s the “second best Shawn” she’s ever dated (the first was Sean Puffy Comes – NICE, GIRL!). Brad and Jane need couple friends to avoid ordering tasting plates for four on their Groupon offers. Penny hears them “L and C” (new fave abbrev) suggesting her and Shawn. They do end up having a couples’ night but Jane and Brad can’t stop thinking about Max and Grant and decide to go with the boys, inciting a competition with Penny for Grants affections.

Max really likes Grant, because he’s different than the freaks the gang usually dates so he doesn’t want them to screw things up for him. Grant picked up phrases in Spain, back stretches in Tibet, used to be an EMT, and is super great at foosball. Everyone is falling in love, and thinks he might even become the “cool guy” in the group, but Dave thinks it’s him (see below). Grant gets a little too cool for his own good and the gang starts cutting into their date time. Max keeps insisting that Grant isn’t perfect and plans to find what’s wrong with him. The going gets rough which means that if Grant is perfect, then Max isn’t good enough for him. Which obviously means he has to break up with him at a quiet dinner for two, which ends up being a noisy dinner for eight.

It’s quite a meal in which Penny and Jane argue over Grant and he finally breaks down, admitting that he just wanted everyone to like him (even Dave, who he’d still like to win over). Good news, this is what Max needed! Grant cares too much about what people think of him. Max insists that Grant has already won him over, so “who cares what these idiots think!

Alex gets really into putting chicken bones down the garbage disposal because the crunching noise makes her feel like God. This provides an opportunity for Grant to come over and fix the sink, get chicken juice on his shirt, and have the ladies remove said shirt, much to the delight of everyone who is learning just how handsome James Wolk is (me, and VERY).

Dave was upset early on by the idea that Grant would be the cool guy and so begins the reign of “Cool Dave.” This involves an indoor scarf, sunglasses inside, fixing things around Penny’s house (shirtless), and riding a motorcycle.

Fun Stuff:

  • Everyone leaves Dave hanging with sexy sound effects.
  • Max called appetizers “mapetizers” – inciting a run riff including calling Grant “mice” and Alex totally killing the bit with “he’s the best we’ve ever… met.”
  • Brad does something with breadsticks that involves “two little bread legs strutting towards the tapenade.”
  • More proof for Max that Grant is perfect? “Space isn’t the final frontier anymore; I really don’t think we’ve seen all that caves have to offer.”
  • Jane thinks Grant has perfect eyebrow thickness.
  • Dave “Carusos”in which he acts like David Caruso.
  • Everyone apparently wants to have sex with Jane and Brad.
  • Max and Grant have a fun activity where they go to a Gymboree and yell “Aidan? Aidan, where are you honey? Daddy’s getting worried.” Love this show so so much.