I didn’t realize how much I had missed this show over the last two weeks. It’s just so silly and fun. This week, the gang celebrates “St. Valentine’s Day” and it was worth the wait.

Brad is planning loads of fun surprises for Jane, but since she has a propensity to pepper spray and throw elbows when surprised, he gives her a list of what to expect. He also lets her know that he’s going to the dentist (which he loves), and thus is the most dedicated any man has ever been to Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the dentist finds a cavity and since Brad has never had one, he asks for all the drugs (insisting “I won’t sue if I poo”). This results in a fair amount of waiting room drooling, children scaring, and face-into-the-fondue dipping fun. Brad insists on making the rest of the surprises come true, though, leading them to the limo later that night, which we’ll get to.

Dave is staying in, preparing a five course dinner for “crazy sex girl” Lindsey. Penny is convinced that Lindsey is pulling the same breakup window business on Dave that she is on Reid (see below), and after two cancelled pre-Valentine’s dates, Dave is convinced as well. However, this is not the case; Lindsey really was busy with work and really did have a friend in town. In fact, she and said friend were going to treat Dave to a threesome, but thanks to his romantic evening of canned beans and letting her watch him do laundry, they have reconsidered.

Penny is also having some trouble with her boyfriend of the week, Reid. She wants to end it, but is stuck in the break up window and has to wait until after Valentine’s Day. He’s a winker. Ew. She manages to put off seeing him until V-Day, then tries to get Alex and Max to join in on the group date atmosphere she’s trying to create by lowering the partition in the limo.

They aren’t buying it and the limo arrived at Alex’s party location anyway. Girl loves her some Valentine’s Day! A customer from the store invited her to something called “Captain Danny’s Balls to the Wall” Party. Even Max doesn’t trust the neighborhood, but Alex is going for it. It is also important to note that she is dressed like a hooker. This becomes troublesome when she asks an under cover cop if he’s “looking for a party.” Whoopsie!

Max picks her up at the station, and she announces that the rest of her night will be spent finding him love. He’s having a lonely night, but raking in the limo ride cash money on this big night. Then it gets awkward. Grant, Max’s ex-boyfriend, is the final ride of the night, and he’s not alone. Apparently Grant broke up with Max on Valentine’s Day because Max double booked him against a giant pizza. Fair enough. A hat and sunglasses aren’t enough to disguise Max, but Grant’s new boyfriend doesn’t take kindly to meeting “another” of Grant’s ex-boyfriends. Alex of course is all about this new development, and when Grant texts later to tell Max that the new BF broke up with him, Alex insists on going to see Grant. Max won’t do it, since they have to pick everyone else up first.

Penny joins them first. Reid did what she couldn’t and broke up with her, despite the window, because she is a little too fond of “abbrevs.” Dave shows up too, since he botched the whole threesome things, and Jane helps the doped up Brad into the limo as well, on their way to the horse and carriage he had planned. Clearly none of the gang is having the Valentine’s Day they expected, so Alex decides that Max and the newly single Grant will reconnect and enjoy everyone’s hand-me-down plans. Max even treats himself to the romantic music package, complete with Extreme’s “More Than Words” which plays as hundreds of candles burn on Grant’s porch.They are all sorts of cute and ride off in the horse and carriage, kissing, leaving the rest of the group to go get drunk. The whole Grant set up felt a little forced, but the ending was so adorable I don’t even care. Missed you, Happy Endings!

Fun Stuff:

  • Penny does the time out hand signal in the middle of conversations.
  • Adam Pally can totally work a fur lined, suede jacket.
  • Brad’s love of the dentist has resulted in a plaque for not having plaque and a musical number entrance into the waiting room (“Ain’t That A Kick In the Head” has never been more fun) to rival some of the awesomeness that went down on Smash this week.
  • All of Max’s Valentine’s Day limo packages cost either $69 or $169.
  • JFK called Jane’s grandma a “real Chicago slut.”
  • Alex secretly loves “More Than Words” by Extreme. The similarities between her and me just keep piling up. Not sure how to feel about this.
  • Dave’s dream gift is a “sit-down with Guy Fieri.”
  • Jane refers to druggy Brad as “weekend at Bernie Mac’s.”
  • The writers finally addressed the elephant in the room: Friends comparisons. Drugged up Brad gives us the rundown. Max = Joey; Dave = Ross, Alex = Rachel; Penny = Phoebe; Brad and Jane = Chandler and Monica.

Next week: “Everybody Loves Grant” We will presumably learn more about this Grant person.