This post originally appeared on Open Letters Love Amy.

Dear Grammy Audience,

I really hope that your standing ovation for Adele was because of that one isolated performance of “Rolling In the Deep” and didn’t have anything to do with her throat surgery. Because giving someone a standing ovation for having surgery might be over doing it a bit. I get that it was probably really hard for her, not knowing if she’d be able to sing again, but it wasn’t throat cancer. As far as I know, her life wasn’t in danger, just her career. A lot of people find themselves in unfortunate circumstances that prevent them from doing what they love, and they don’t get a standing ovation from you. I do think Adele has an insane voice and am glad that she can sing again and deserved to win all those awards. But they were for her music, not her three month long struggle. Which is how it should be.

Now you also gave a standing ovation to Chris Brown. This one I totally understand. He’s been through a lot. It was really hard on him when he punched his girlfriend, Rihanna, in the face and she had to go to the hospital. He missed the Grammys that year and didn’t get to see you guys! He had to do community service! His is a real comeback story, and the amount of adversity he’s overcome is just incredible. I’m sure he was glad to be back in front of you guys, though I’m a bit worried about how the backstage logistics went down. Is he okay being in the same building as Rihanna? Was there security around to keep him from having to go through punching her in the face again? I wouldn’t want him to feel unsafe just before he had to perform.

Love, Amy

(Sub Open Letter to Dave Grohl: when you gave that acceptance speech about how music is about the human element and not what goes into a computer did you forget that in that particular category you were nominated against The Decemberists and Mumford and Sons? Are you trying to tell me that they don’t have any human element in their music? Or were you speaking more generally about all of the nominees, including that Nicki Minaj thing? Fingers crossed for the latter, because the former is just nonsense.)