Every season and holiday has a type of movie that has to come out. Family, feel good films near Christmas, star powered hits in the summer and overly romantic flicks on Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in The Vow, Cupid will be satisfied this year. It’s a tale of a beautiful young couple who face the ultimate crisis when McAdams loses part of her memory that fell in love with Tatum and everything after. It’s a back and forth between when they were and how they are, as Tatum does everything to get her to fall in love with him all over again. Easy enough, right? Just look at him.

It’s Tatum who carries the film, which will surprise most because of that Frat boy “what?” look he wears so wonderfully. But because of the circumstances of the plot, McAdams character is left sort of lost and defenseless, causing Tatum to stand out a bit more than her as he fights for the marriage she believes never existed.

The similarity to another McAdams hit can’t go unnoticed.  She’s done this once before in The Notebook and some might be put off by that, but while they’re both romantic dramas with forgetful women, The Vow falls short in the longevity factor. However, it’s a great movie for Valentine’s Day weekend and will cause a lot of baby making when patrons leave the theater- although, I don’t see anyone quoting it years down the road. “I wrote you every day for a year!”

The Vow ended lukewarm. Tatum and McAdams’ smiles towards one another were heartwarming enough to showcase the love the movie wanted to convey, but when you’re fighting for the one you love, you have to step it up. Tatum’s actions to get his wife back were cutesy, but fell short…Maybe that’s why she had a hard time remembering who he was?

In the end I don’t think anyone will say it was the best movie they’ve ever seen, but the romantics in the crowd will go “aww” every once in a while, because love them or hate them, romantic movies like this have that power.