If there’s one message to take away from Wanderlust, it’s “don’t judge a movie by its trailer.” After weeks of airing commercials for what like looks an incredibly dumb and cheesy film, the Judd Apatow-produced Wanderlust is a surprisingly enjoyable comedy that’s buoyed from a witty and hilarious script.

Wanderlust stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as a George and Linda, a Manhattan couple whose life takes a turn for the worst when both find themselves broke and unemployed. George is offered a job in Atlanta by his successful brother Rick (played by Ken Marino, who is also a co-writer), who is also first-class jerk.

While driving south, George and Linda stop at a bed and breakfast in Northern Georgia to stay for the night. But instead of being a quiet resting place, the venue turns out to be a hippie commune called Elysium. George and Linda enjoy a soothing and fun drug-induced night and continue on their way to Atlanta. But after Rick turns out to be too much of an ass to bear, George and Linda head back to Elysium, this time with plans for a longer stay. From there, hilarity ensues as the couple wrestles with trust circles, organic farming, doorless rooms, and free love.

Rudd is back in a familiar role as a nice guy straight-man, who works hard, is well-intentioned, and finds himself in ridiculous situations. An Apatow stand-by, Rudd is as good as anyone for this part. Jennifer Aniston still looks stunning well into her 40s, and she does a fine job playing a wife who is still unsure of her place in the world.  Aniston hasn’t always picked good movies, but she has the right temperament and comedic timing to make this role work.

There’s numerous recognizable actors at the commune. The list includes Aniston’s real-life boyfriend Justin Theroux as a stuck in 90s forest dweller with the hots for Linda, RomCom standby Malin Akerman as a hippie hottie who pines for George, as well as Alan Alda, Kathryn Hahn, Jordan Peele, and Lauren Ambrose (better-known as Claire from Six Feet Under). All of them bring their own comedic punch lines and add to the enjoyment of the film.

Another memorable role is that of Rick’s comically depressed housewife Marissa, played by former Saturday Night Live castmember Michaela Watkins. She steals some of the film’s best lines.

What really makes Wanderlust work is the script. Director and co-writer David Wain (best-known for Role Models) creates a comedy that is filled with a plethora of funny jokes that keep you entertained from start to finish. The movie never wanders too far and never gets overly sappy. It’s not necessarily the funniest comedy you’ll ever see. And it’s not Apatow’s most memorable effort either. But Wanderlust will make you laugh and it’s worth the price of admission.