Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: Each team had to create an ad campaign, including props, makeup, wardrobe, and photography. British model Louise had a meltdown and went home.

The episode starts out post-elimination from last week. All the Brits are freaking out about Louise leaving and the Americans getting best pic. Eboni is pissed off because the judges said she looked like a prostitute in her picture. She’s mad because Tyra has branded her as the “baby face” but she said she’s had enough hardship to not be a baby.

The girls go back to the house and there’s a gift for the US girls because Azmarie got best photo last week. The gift was some kind of jewelry, I think. Candace is worried because she was in the bottom four at elimination.

Tyra Mail: “Can you translate your super powers into super sales? Fierce and Love, Tyra.” Someone says that Kyle is going to be selling a girl next door, and she is very offended. She pulls out the old reality TV show cliché that she’s not here to be friends with anyone.

The next day, the girls meet up with J. Alexander and Martin Lindstrom, “branding futurist.” Their challenge is to become a brand spokesperson and develop their own TV commercial. The things they are making commercials for are random like “facial tissue,” hand sanitizer, a hair dryer, TV dinner, etc. Ashley makes a commercial for toilet paper, and she says something about wiping and then having your boyfriend smell your ass, haha. Kyle stumbles and is like “toast with no butter,” as one of the British contestants says.

Martin Lindstrom says they’re going to show the commercials to ordinary consumers and see who made the best first impression with their personalities. The focus group is 10 volunteers, ages 18-45; and they were way harsh. All of the consumer group liked Kyle, which pissed off the other models, and they started attacking her, saying she wasn’t the best. Kyle leaves and says she wants to go home – that she doesn’t want to be there anymore. J. Alexander comes out to talk to her and talks her out of it, saying she should only go home when they send her home.

Martin says the three best were Annaliese, Kyle, and Sophie, but the winner is Annaliese. She wins three diamond bracelets – 2 of which she gets to choose to give to others. They don’t say who she gives them to.

Tyra Mail: “Hold onto your hats and prepare for a bumpy ride! Fierce and Love, Tyra.” Someone thinks they’re going to be bull riding – topless! Lol.

Kyle calls her mom and says she really wants to go home. Pretty much all the girls talk shit about her because she wants to leave.

The next day, the girls show up and are greeted by Nigel Barker, Mr. Jay, and a bunch of low riders with hydraulics. They’re in the Sepulveda dam – one of the girls thinks that it’s where they filmed the race scene in Grease. They’re going to be modeling Philip Treacy British hats inside classic American cars.

Azmarie – USACatherine – UKAlisha – UK Kyle – USAAshley – UKSeymone – USAAnnaliese – UKLaura – USACandace –USASophie – UKEboni – USA

The girls are back at the house and Kyle is packing her bags. She says she doesn’t want to take a spot if someone else wants to be there more. The girls are kind of half and half: some think she should go home, and the other half thinks she should stick it out.

Judging: Kelly says Sophie’s pic looks like a maternity photo for a mom that’s “hit the road.” J. Alexander says Eboni has a wonky eye. When your toes are hanging over the front of your heels, J. Alexander calls it the “bologna and cheese.” Wha, wha, wha? Tyra says Seymone looks like she’s in a parade, and Kelly Cutrone says it’s not fierce enough for her. Kelly Cutrone says Kelly looks like a “nasty power bitch.” Tyra says she wishes they had given Candace Azmarie’s haircut. Kelly Cutrone says Laura looks like a drunk Mae West. Kelly Cutrone says Azmarie is fierce with a fashion capital F. Kelly says Eboni’s idea of sexy is working against her. Tyra says Seymone’s body looks like Jessica Rabbit, but she’d disappointed in her photo.

  1. Azmarie gets best photo for the second time in a row
  2. Laura
  3. Kyle
  4. Catherine
  5. Annaliese
  6. Eboni
  7. Alisha
  8. Ashley
  9. Sophie

It comes down to Seymone and Candace. Seymone is a vision of loveliness with great proportions, but her photos don’t represent her beauty. Candace is only showing mediocrity, not her persona of “exotica.”

10. Seymone

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls go to Toronto fashion week. They take photos covered in maple syrup.