Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: Tyra announced that for the first time ever, British girls would be taking part in America’s Next Top Model. It’s the Brits against the Yanks! The girls were forced to participate in a “fierce parade” and then competed in a model walk off. The girls dressed as iconic figures from their respective countries for a 3D photo shoot. Seymone from the US got best picture; Jasmia from the UK was the first model to be sent home.

The episode opens with a special message in the house – the girls are getting makeovers – and funky colors are in this season! The girls go to the Sally Hershberger salon for their makeovers and are greeted by Jay Manuel and Miss J. And they’re definitely getting crazy hair. Azmarie already has a shaved head, so they shave “ANTM” into the back. Afterwards, Azmarie puts herself on “hair wash patrol,” and starts washing everyone’s hair. Laura is way into it – she says androgynous girls are so hot she can’t help herself.

Every season has to have one girl that needlessly freaks out about her makeover, and this cycle it’s Louise. She bitches and moans because they cut her hair short and want to dye it darker, and everyone knows that’s a direct ticket home, Louise. Seriously, Eboni got a big ass burn on her face from a curling iron, and she cried less than Louise. Laura gets blonde, red, and blue hair. Catherine gets magenta hair. Sophie gets cotton candy pink hair, and I’m a little jealous. Alisha gets one side of her head shaved, and she thinks she’s all bad ass.

The girls go back to the house, and the Brits start to strategize. They start dropping hints to the American girls that they all look the same and they need to fight amongst themselves. Everyone runs out to the kitchen and there are two tables full of food: one for the US girls and one for the UK girls. The US girls have to eat a bunch of UK food and vice versa. So the US girls are stuck eating stuff like blood sausage, haggis, and cockles (heh heh) and the UK girls have to eat stuff like spam and pig feet.


Poor Seymone gets stuck eating all the food for the US, but they end up winning, of course, because it’s an eating competition. Candace starts making fun of Seymone afterwards, and Seymone gets pissed off because she basically won the competition for them. The UK girls think this is their ticket to create strife amongst the US girls.

Tyra Mail: “Tomorrow’s Koncept will have you feeling like a kid again! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day the girls are greeted by Jay Manuel who says they’re going to meet the ultimate “Mom-ager,” Kris Jenner. The girls are going to be posing with Kris as her toddler children along with Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner who are both dressed like Wednesday Adams..

Seymone – 19 – USA and Annaliese – 24 – UK

Kyle – 20 – USA and Mariah – 20 – USA

Laura – 20 – USA, Sophie – 21 – UK, and Catherine – 21 – UK

Candace – 22 – USA and Eboni – 18 – USA

Azmarie – 24 – USA and Ashley – 22 – UK

Alisha – 20 – UK and Louise – 25 – UK

Judging: Kelly says she’s disappointed in Azmarie. Kris says she loved Mariah, but Tyra says she doesn’t like her sexuality in the photo. Everyone loves Laura in her photo, but Tyra wanted to see Catherine exaggerate a little more. Tyra gives it up to Eboni for pushing through, even with her huge burn on her face (they photoshopped it out). Kelly says Anneliese reminds her of “Diana Ross on cracker jacks.” Kelly says Louise is “too sexy for school.” And…Kelly Cutrone is my new favorite person. Nigel says that Catherine is not classically pretty, and Kris says that she looks a little like Katy Perry. They all agree that Louise has a bad attitude.

  1. Laura gets best photo – US
  2. Ashley – UK
  3. Eboni – US
  4. Catherine – UK
  5. Candace – US
  6. Kyle – US
  7. Sophie – UK
  8. Annaliese – UK
  9. Louise – UK
  10. Alisha – UK
  11. Azmarie – US

It comes down to Symone – US (who got best photo last week) and Mariah. Mariah’s photo was nice, but it’s not enough to be just a pretty girl. Symone’s photo last week may have been a fluke last week, but personality prevails.

12. Symone – US

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: Symone gets in a big fight with a bunch of other girls. Louise gets mad at Kelly Cutrone?