Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls had an eating competition where they had to eat weird things from their opponents’ country. They had a weird child-themed photo shoot with Kris Jenner and Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Laura got best photo; Mariah was sent home. Six Americans and six British models now remain.

So apparently on Cycle 18, when you get picture of the week your team gets a prize. Since Laura is American, the US girls got a box of clothes. Four of the UK girls decide to play a prank on the US girls, and they run into their room at 2:30 in the morning and throw balls of paper at them (??). So they run in and throw paper and then run out, and Seymone is furious. She goes downstairs and starts screaming at the girls and gets all up in Alisha’s face, and then she starts pushing Ashley…it’s totally cray. The Brits are like, go to bed, and she’s like, I’m trying to! But then she keeps yelling at them.

The next day, the UK girls are practicing their smizing. Alisha talks about growing up in the ghetto and being dyslexic. Tyra shows up at the house and she makes them walk down the runway they have set up at the house while they talk about themselves. She takes a tour of the house, and then she talks about being a super model. These male models come out and give them all capes, and then Tyra gives them all superhero names. She tells them about their best qualities, but I don’t know how she thinks she knows them so well after two weeks of the show. Tyra then tells them that she graduated from business school at Harvard, and they have to learn how to be more than just Super Models, they need to be Super Moguls.

The girls meet up with Kelly Cutrone in a “derelict” warehouse. Kelly Cutrone gives them their challenge: create an ad campaign and photo shoot for her client, British website To create their ad campaign each team (US vs UK, of course) must have a leader, wardrobe, hair and makeup, props, and cast a male model for the shoot. The UK team chooses Annaliese to be their leader, and the US girls choose Azmarie. The UK girls are all disorganized, and Kelly Cutrone asks who their leader is. Annaliese just about shits herself and tells her that she’s the leader; Kelly Cutrone says that Annaliese is a confused leader.

The UK team’s concept is 60s British mod – they want it simple, with just one prop per photo. They tell their prop team to just get six props, and Kelly Cutrone says they probably should have told them to get some extras just in case. Louise camera talks that she can’t believe Kelly is talking down to them. The US team’s concept is punk love.

The prop team gets $1000 and they get to go to the Universal Studios prop department to get their props. Alisha and Catherine are doing props for the UK girls, and when they try to call Annaliese with a question they get a “no reply.”

Meanwhile, the casting teams go to a modeling agency to cast a male model. They ask to see the guys’ abs and they all take their shirts off at once, and I was like, swoon. Sophie complains that Candace is rude to the male models. The girls go back to the house and story board for the shoot. Alisha camera talks that she’s concerned about Annaliese being their leader.

The next day, the girls show up at the derelict warehouse for their photo shoot. Eboni still has a big-ass burn on her face by the way. Azmarie is a very good leader, she tells them to remember their personas that Tyra gave them, and she actually gets in there and poses them. Each team only has 2 hours to get all the girls dressed, in hair and makeup, and shot. The male model has to be in at least two of their shots.

Candace –USA

Candace’s persona was “Exotica.”

Seymone – USA

Seymone’s persona was “Fiercely Real.”

Kyle – USA

Kyle’s persona was “Next-Doorsia.”

Laura – USA

Laura’s persona was “Zagilicious.”

Eboni – USA

Eboni’s persona was “30-Never.”

Azmarie – USA

Azmarie’s persona was “Andro-Genia.”

Ashley – UK

Ashley’s persona was “Charismia.”

Sophie – UK

Sophie’s persona was “Illuminata.”

Alisha – UK

Alisha’s persona was “Gam-A-Tronica.”

Catherine – UK

Catherine’s persona was “Era-Descent.”

Annaliese – UK

Annaliese’s persona was “Excite-To-Buy.”

Louise –UK

Louise’s persona was “Chameeleone.” Right before her shoot, she was running around the set, and Kelly Cutrone told her not to run because it makes people anxious. Louise talks back to her, and Kelly camera talks that Louise has the worst attitude.

Judging: The girls show up and they’re all wearing their flag shirts. I can’t believe they’re making them wear them every week. Cat Deeley is the guest judge. Tyra says that Annaliese is a little “catalog-y” and that Sophie reminds her of Twiggy (who was a judge for a couple seasons, btw). Everyone says they’re disappointed in Alisha’s photo. Her persona was all about her legs, but she picked a photo where her legs were cropped.

Nigel says that Louise looks mean in her photo, and she literally pshhhhs him. Kelly Cutrone says Louise needs to put some gratitude in her attitude and that she was very condescending and rude to her on the set. Snap. Louise then says that Kelly was rude to her. Oh shit. Cat Deeley starts to give her advice and she shakes her head and then storms off the set. Oh crap. They follow her out to the street and Louise is crying and saying she wants to go home. WTF, this is cray.

There’s some chaos, and then everyone reassembles and Tyra says that Louise has decided to leave the competition. They then go on to judging the US girls. So are they going to kick someone off in addition to Louise? Kelly Cutrone says Eboni is like the princess from last night’s party, ouch. All the judges say they don’t like Candace’s photo. Cat Deeley is really cute, and Kelly Cutrone is super fierce. Tyra says that Azmarie looks like a matador, and that she loves that. Tyra says that Eboni looks like a baby trying to be sexy.

  1. Azmarie gets best photo
  2. Sophie
  3. Laura
  4. Kyle
  5. Catherine
  6. Seymone
  7. Annaliese
  8. Louise

It comes down to Candace, Eboni, Alisha, and Ashley – the client decided that the four of their photos weren’t worthy of their ad campaign. She says she only has one photo in her hands, but it turns out it’s all four of their photos on one sheet. They all get another chance since Louise left.

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls have to make commercials for random things like toilet paper. Kyle wants to go home. Is this the season of quitters? Come on girls, get your acts together!