Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi movie – or a good alien character, for that matter? Well, okay, not everybody,  but the latest sci-fi movie to feature aliens is coming out on March 9! Disney’s John Carter tells the story of a civil war veteran who finds himself transported to the planet Mars, where he is captured by a bunch of 12-foot tall barbaric aliens. And there’s a princess in there somewhere, too!

So, what better time to look back on some of our favorite alien characters from movies? There is none, I tell you! Let’s do this. You could be a judge for yourself and get DVD’s and movie collections with coupons and experience what you think is the best.:

The Na’vi (Avatar, 2009)Ah, the Na’vi; let’s start with these beautiful beasts, from the movie Avatar. And it’s a great movie – written and directed by James Cameron, this film really took the industry – and everyone else – by storm (someone in the UK Big Brother House even described watching Avatar in 3D as “the best experience of my life”). The Na’vi are blue and sparkly, tall and elegant, with cute ears and the ability to live naturally on the vast planet of Pandora, swinging from trees and riding big scary-looking bird-dinosaur type things. What’s not to love?

Xenomorph (Alien, 1979)Arguably the scariest of the lot, and possibly my favorite, these used to send a chill down the back of my spine when I was a wee little girlie. These things are terrifying! Xenomorphs look like your worst nightmare, they spit acid, they’re smart(ish), they’re fast, they can climb the walls, damnit! And when you’re on a dark, vast space ship, you’ve got NOWHERE TO RUN!!! Who here hasn’t seen the Alien films? If you haven’t, I recommend you go and do that right now, because they are classics. My favorite is Alien 3, which some may think is an odd choice, but I just think it’s beautiful.

The ‘Prawns’ (District 9, 2009)Yep, 2009 was a great year for sci-fi animation. District 9 featured some aliens who had landed here on Earth for reasons no-one could figure out, and they ended up living in slums and being referred to derogatorily as ‘prawns’ because of their appearance. They’re interesting to watch, and have a fondness for tinned cat food. Again, a great movie, highly entertaining, but also raises some issues about ourselves as the human race.

ET (ET, 1982)“ET phone home” – it’s a classic. This much-loved character warmed millions of hearts when it first came on our screens in the early ‘80s. And he certainly looks the part. But what really make this movie good, are the child characters that interact with him, and help him to return to his home planet.

The Conehead Family (The Coneheads, 1993)Love this movie! Beldar Conehead (played by Dan Aykroyd) and his family find themselves stranded on Earth where they observe humans in their day-to-day environment, leading to some funny misunderstandings and consequences. They have amusing phrases for things, such as “starch disk” instead of “pizza”. It’s little things like this that give this film its charm.

Paul (Paul, 2011)Quite an ordinary name for an alien, is it not? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in this movie as two comic book geeks who have travelled across the U.S for a sci-fi convention and a visit to Area 51 – where they encounter the loveable character known only as ‘Paul’. And as aliens go, Paul is pretty cool; he can disappear, share his knowledge of the universe, and he’s witty, too. A very entertaining film I really enjoyed watching.

The Borg (Star Trek: First Contact, 1996)Who doesn’t love the Borg, right?! Although Star Trek has shown us a plethora of aliens over the years, The Borg prove to be quite possibly Starfleet’s biggest threat ever. They first showed up in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the plot was carried into the movies. What is so great about The Borg? Well, they’re cold, calculated, and they have no individual personality! No conscience, they just move from planet to planet “assimilating” all forms of life and applying them to their collective. They are more powerful than Starfleet, and seem completely relentless, so it takes a wise and cunning (and probably emotionally damaged) Captain Picard and his crew to take them on. There’s also the Borg Queen, “the one who is many”, who comes out as a possible Borg leader/creator in this film, and she kidnaps Data! Nooooooooo, not Data!!! Definitely worth a watch.

Predator (Predator, 1987)This alien is pretty kickass, in its own right. The story goes, that a bunch of feckless commandos bite off more than they can chew when they find themselves on a mission in a Central American jungle. What’s cool about ‘Predator’, is that he has in-built heat sensors, and is sort of like a really odd jungle ninja warrior.

Ewoks (Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, 1983)There are some great aliens featured in Star Wars, too. But I’ve gone with the ewoks, okay? Well, tough! Live with it. They’re cute, furry little teddy bears that are only about a meter tall and live native to the forest moon of Endor. And they saved the Rebel Alliance’s ass in the Battle of Endor, when they defeated the forces of the Galactic Empire, and helped to destroy the second Death Star, bitches! Yeah, that’s right; they’re pretty damn cool, end of.

Worms (Men in Black, 2002)Lots of memorable characters in MIB, too, but I like these guys. They have quite a small role in the first film, but feature more heavily in the sequel and animated series. They’re funny, perverted, odd-looking little coffee-lovers, and they make the films just that little bit more entertaining and watchable.

The Thing (The Thing, 1982)So, it goes like this; some scientists farting about in the Antarctic find themselves in a right mess, when they find a shape-shifting alien or “thing” that starts killing them all off. But the cool part is, it can take on the appearance of anyone it’s just killed, which is mighty handy for it, and not so good for its victims. A very cool alien, and a wise lesson for anyone planning a trip to the Antarctic – no? Okay, you’re probably safe. Probably.

Critters (Critters, 1986)Little black mounds of joy, these are. Scary little bastards, with razor sharp teeth and crazy little eyes, black and furry – don’t you just want one as a pet? They can also collect together in a great big ball of death, which is pretty damn cool, if you ask me. And they’re being hunted down by a sexy ‘80s bounty hunter dude, what more can you ask for?

Transformers (Transformers, 2007)Okay, I’m not a personal fan of these movies, but these aliens are too big to ignore. Everyone knows what the Transformers are, don’t they? Great big robots from SPACE, baby! The story goes a little something like this; two extraterrestrial clans, the Autobots (the Good Guys) and the Decepticons (the Bad Guys) start up an ancient old argument they’ve been having for centuries, right here on Earth, and a young dopey teenage boy somehow finds he’s actually holding the key to some crazy power and isn’t just a useless girl-obsessed geek after all. Woo hoo.

Shep Ramsey (Suburban Commando, 1991)DUDE, OH EM EFF GEE, it’s HULK HOGAN!!! That’s right, the Hulkstar stars as Shep Ramsey, whose ship ends up damaged, leaving him stuck in the American suburbs. Great movie, I love watching the Hulk’s character to react to us silly humans. He just doesn’t understand! But he does play the hero, and it’s pretty awesome.