I stand validated this first weekend of March, after everyone whose birthday landed on a leap year finally got to celebrate their birth again. The Lorax took the box office, right from under the feet of Project X which really seemed to sell that it was being talked about a whole lot more than it was actually being talked about.

Why animation would take the box office no longer needs to be explained if you’re following my articles, but I’ll nutshell it: children are the largest audience because they bring their parents, there hasn’t been a kid’s movie in a little while now, and there’s no animated competition around. Done.

So, Project X. Rated at 5.8 on IMDb (for now), the film is literally the opposite of brash. Rather than bold it is crude, and feels like Transformers 2 without all the impressive visual effects. Found footage has been used to death because it’s cost efficient for studios, and its sense of reality is supposed to be engaging.

Unfortunately, it really isn’t anymore. After The Devil Inside and Chronicle (another found-footage-teen feel-good break-rules movie) within just three months of 2012, and all of the re-releases—which literally make audiences pay for something they’ve already seen—it’s not much of a stretch to use a new formula to death and make audiences pay for something they’ve kind of already seen.

But nonetheless the result is a boring film. It’s a part of a trend, which will exhaust every bit of fuel it can for as long as possible until audiences stop funding it. Maybe it’s not your fault, but I think we’re all aware there’s a lot of unwanted stupidity around that’s paying for more films like Project X. The trouble with being a comedy is, you have to find some way to be funny. Very troubling indeed.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Heard of it? Me neither. So, however good the film could be, it has zero chance (even as a romance) of taking the box office. Who will absolutely take the box office is John Carter, the Disney film with a long-running history that will unfortunately seem incredibly derivative now that so much time has passed between its conception and its live-action presentation this year.

Still, despite its generic overtones and undertones, it will be charged with younger audiences and certainly steal the box office from the other lesser-known release, Friends With Kids. Marketing matters a great deal more than people think.

And meanwhile, Norbit—oh I’m sorry, I mean Eddie Murphy—will have another crack at a comeback with A Thousand Words which I personally feel will be a bit too moral heavy and routinely unsatisfying. The kids own the box office for now.



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Safe House  





Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds  





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This Means War  





Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance  





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