ABC’s The Bachelor is a show many didn’t see taking off like it has, but ten years after it first debuted, it’s still many peoples’ guilty pleasure. It has the drama of a soap opera (overdramatic acting to boot), and the heart of a venomous python. The women on this show are almost always ruthless and will do anything to get the man of their “dreams.” One can go on and on about the negative aspects of a show like this, but I’m not here for that. I’m here to throw around the idea of introducing celebrities into the mix. Tim Tebow turned down the chance to be the next Bachelor, but wouldn’t it be fun to toss some other names into the hat? Wait, hasn’t VH1 already done this with out of date rockers and hip-hoppers? Yes, but this is for primetime – there’ll be more class…maybe.

NellyHe isn’t a bad boy of hip-hop and continues to be relevant with each album he creates. But when it comes to his love life, that’s something I don’t think has ever had a huge spotlight on it, so it’d be nice to give this sweet Atlanta man a chance to find himself a woman without any major dilemmas.

Ashton Kutcher
Making headlines seems to be Kutcher’s thing this past year, and he may or may not be dating some random woman in the business, but how serious can they be? And with CBS still not renewing Two and a Half Men officially for another season, he’ll need the extra cash in his pocket.

David Cook
He’s already proven he can win with his own talents on American Idol. What would happen if the tables were turned and he got to be the judge of a bunch of hopefuls willing to do anything to be his duo partner?

Michael PhelpsHe might be too busy at the moment, what with the 2012 Olympics possibly being his last go at the gold. But he’ll need something afterwards to keep him out of (mediocre) trouble.

Russell Brand
Take one of the most out there funnymen and put him in a situation like this: TV gold.

Jeff Timmons Had to get a little VH1 for a second. Tweens of the 90s are a little older now and since the cute ones in *NSYNC are taken, as well as all of the Backstreet Boys, the only boy band left is 98 Degrees. What former TRL watcher wouldn’t try out and then tune in to see this?

John Stamos
No matter how old you were when you watched Full House, you thought the following: “I’d totally get with my uncle if he looked like that.”

Alex Rodriguez
Baseball players, how do you get so many ladies? Time for this man to stop playing the field and try to get serious with the help of reality TV.