Last week Alex and Dave got just as naughty as everyone on Smash. Wonder how they’ll deal?

Alex deals by clumsily crawling out of bed Dave tells Brad and Brad responds with “maybe she’s busy… yeah right, she never has anything going on.” He then suggests they hook her up with someone. Brad is always lookin’ our for his buds. Dave takes it to crazy levels only I thought I was capable of: “is she pregnant? Would we raise the baby together? Would it be a group baby?” He goes to talk to her, but it is less awkward and more a celebration of cheese crust pizza and this guy who sells homemade cough drops. He insists they talk about it and Alex is in denial. Dave follows her to the store where he uses a mannequin to jog her memory about just what happened that night, but stumbles trying to recreated “removing your bra with one hand in under four seconds.” Yeah, I’ve never seen it done either. She insists that she was with Brad and Jane watching Mamma Mia, and Dave completes the best piece of visual comedy yet on this show: finally unhooking the bra he tries to pull it off by the cups, and ends up taking the arms off with it.

Dave asks Brad and Jane about Mamma Mia night. Jane insists that it did happen, then goes to tell Alex that the boys don’t suspect anything. Sisters stick together. Jane also spins a top and talk about a new reality so I’m hoping this doesn’t become Inception. I only saw that thing once and I’m still thinking about how confused I am. Alex is feeling a little guilty, but Jane reminds her that it’s the Kerkovich Way, taught to them by their mother: flood the target/mark/victim/loved one with specific details until they believe. Brad and Dave confront Jane about planting memories, but she has covered her tracks well. They then go to return Mamma Mia and pay the late fee, but it was only rented that morning. Jane finally slipped up! The boys go home and Alex caves immediately. We get a flashback of just how crazy Jane is and the lengths she went to. Alex was just worried about ruining their friendship, so Dave drops it.

Sad Max! he can’t even finish his second mini-pie, that is how dire this Grant break up is. Jane tries to cheer him up with Rosalita’s Run, which I’ve heard is a scavenger hunt. Jane is banned because she’s “too good at scavenger hunts” which really means “was charged with a hate crime.” Penny isn’t feeling it this year because she and Max always lose to Perfect Julie. We meet this horrible person, who is stuck in the pattern of “write a bestseller, have a baby; write a bestseller, have a baby.” PENNY YOU MUST DESTROY THIS PERSON. The current pregnancy will keep them out of leaving Max and Penny a clear path to victory.

This year’s theme is Chicago movies and Jane and Justin are surprise last minute entries. Max is having a hard time because every clue reminds him of Grant, but Penny is powering through! Julie tricks Penny and steals her crystal egg, tossing another at her after she and Justin leave for the next clue. Max makes a valiant effort to dive for the egg, but misses. Penny feels like she’s always a loser, and Max pumps her up with a speech about how they are better than this and the stars of their own John Hughes film. I seriously love these two in action. The final task involves pushing baby carriages and Max and Penny pull it out at the last minute!

Fun Facts:

  • Dave “Let us not beat about the bush.”
  • Those cough drops were laced with ketamine, Alex knows because she “saw god, and he’s black.”
  • Jane hates the French.
  • Penny interned at the John Hughes Museum (her softball coach’s basement every day for three months watching movies. Ew).
  • Pun of the night (Jane, quoting Brad): “then we all decided to get under the faux-chinchilla blanket because you said, ‘it’s chinchilly in here!’”
  • Brad is one MRI away from a free MRI.
  • Alex thinks the computer and TV are friends.
  • Grant and Max used to go to the supermarket and play Supermarket Sweep (confession: there was once a girl named Amy on that show, and I cried ACTUAL TEARS when she didn’t win. Not my finest hour.).
  • Absolute super favorite line of the night (Max, about Penny): what a graceful swan of a lady!”