This week, right up top, Alex still has issues with Daylight Savings Time but is wearing the CUTEST top. I’m going to be up all night trying to find out where I can buy it.

More importantly, this week is Penny’s birthday (her second 30th if anyone’s curious). It turns out there’s a lot of trouble with this event and as Brad puts it, “it’s hella cursed.” Jane and the gang vow that this year it’ll be different. Penny arrives and wants to know the plan. It’s Big Dom’s for dinner but unfortunately Penny split restaurants with an ex-boyfriend in a break up and lost Big Dom’s. Penny finds out about their birthday curse belief and is upset. No one can really think of any restaurants, but Max is able to come up with a way for Mary Tyler Moore to use a series of marriages and divorces to change her name to “Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore.” God bless Max.

He also creates a “safe space” for restaurant suggestions and Dave throws out Wu House. Which is closed. They go around in circles and we learn that Alex had three lunches before they settle on Medora. They get the last table and Penny is pumped about no birthday curse. Except that Jackie, Dave’s little tramp stamp girl (who has now graduated from high school, yay, Jackie!) is their waitress. She brings fried calamari on the house and you just know something terrible happened to that food. Not even Max is brave enough to touch it. They have to leave. Alex suggests a Mexican place but this is where Brad used to take girls to break up with them. He also took Jane there once! She is very concerned about this and will be spending her night at the bar until he can explain.

This entire time Max is losing it because he fasted all day in preparation of The Birthday Dinner. Alex goes to smooth things over with Jackie and get them some edible food, while Penny and Dave babysit the hungry man-child. This is important because otherwise his straw harpoon plan would have gotten even more out of control.

At the bar, Brad explains that yes, he was planning on breaking up with Jane but only because he was scared of how much he loved her. Then he watched her order food like a crazy person and knew he’d never need a breakup restaurant again. She knows what she wants and she wants Brad. She also wants her onions cooked but peppers crispy and for the waiter to not say “it’s a hot plate” because she is already aware of this.

 Jackie didn’t do anything to the food but does inform Alex that Dave took her to her prom (!!!!!!!). Penny loves this story but wants to focus on ordering food and not starving to death or being cursed. Cue Brad and Jane’s bathroom sex antics and add Medora to the list of restaurants that won’t serve them.

Penny is starting to believe in the birthday curse but this only makes the gang more motivated to change Penny’s luck. They decide to take back Big Dom’s. Note to writers: YES PLEASE MORE RUN DMC AND SLOW MO. Everything is going well until Penny spots Nick and she has to hide under the table. I’d judge, but I would likely do the exact same thing in this situation. Nick confronts them and Penny awesomely stands up for herself… from under the table. When she triumphantly emerges, her shirt gets caught and rips off. Resulting in yet another restaurant that can’t handle this group of wonderful people. Your loss, Big Dom’s.

They ultimately end up at Rosalita’s (their Central Perk – a Friends pun I am only just now understanding, same goes for Mr. Big) and the curse is broken! Until a little old lady curses them and everyone switches bodies. NEED AN ENTIRE EPISODE OF SWITCHED BODIES IN ADDITION TO MORE RUN DMC. My only other more favorite thing from this episode is the revelation that Jane keeps old newspaper clippings from her figure skating days in her purse. With Parks and Rec on hiatus, I am so happy that this show is staying so funny. I am already getting worried about what TV I’m going to have come Memorial Day.

Sidenote: according to Facebook, a guy I went to high school with was somewhere in this episode. Aaron Groben, congrats on whatever role it was – I was very busy taking notes and staring at how cute Alex’s top was to find you, but that has got to be exciting.