Dave joins Max’s gym. Max apparently loves this gym because of the smoothies and the steam room and wearing gym clothes. Derek (in a triumphant return!!!!) has an arrangement with Max, who is his personal trainer. Bobby Moynihan also frequents the gym as Cory, the bully. He steals the machine Dave was going to use and then gets all mean about it. Fun facts: Cory is gay and Derek is certain that “life coaches for rich people’s pets” are a thing. I’m afraid he might be right. Max loves bad boys so now he’s got a huge crush on Cory. Luckily for Dave, Alex turns out to be a help here, since she was an elementary school bully thanks to an early growth spurt. Thankfully she’s now in recovery. At the behest of the gym manager, Cory apologizes but as soon as he leaves, Cory is back to his bullying ways.

Dave talks with Cory for real later, and winds up with a punch in the face. Dave tells Alex and asks for next steps. Max wants to quit the gym, but Alex tells him to find Cory and fight him. Which he does, setting a fight time like he’s Draco Malfoy planning a duel with Harry. At the big fight, Dave makes a lot of ridiculous remarks, but it is Derek who ultimately throws the punch. Guess who Max is into now?

Jane is two-term president of the condo HOA and very busy planning a rooftop garden project. Some loser named Michael suggests more ideas and Jane simply must shoot him down. Jane’s stress levels appall Penny and she suggests that Jane try out the ‘sleep on it’ approach. The next day, Penny finds a campaign poster in the apartment lobby, featuring a negative had against Jane, printed up by that full-of-ideas-Michael. This shocks Jane and she decides to try out the sleep on it technique with Stephanie and the her gazebo suggestion. It results in a middle of the night great feeling and Penny’s plan is working! It results in a whole new Jane, who lounges in sweatpants with her hair half pulled back while reading notes from the suggestion box she put in the lobby. Brad pushes his luck with New Jane by playing Man On Wire (a fabulous documentary that everyone should see) with a plate of nachos. When she doesn’t react to a spill, we know that New Jane is serious. But when leftovers end up in the crisper, there are no real groceries, and even old Mr. Olson is noticing the building going to pot, Brad’s got to do something. Only Alex, the savior of all this week, can change her back to the Type-A Jane we all know and love. She bullies New Jane with threats of gnomes and novelty gazebos and, GOD FORBID SOMEONE TUTORING IN THEIR UNIT. This shakes her out of the New Jane haze and she gets right back to business.

Also this week, the writers make fun of those coexist bumper stickers (yes, thank you, love it) and introduce the world to “homo slo-mo.” I refuse to say more. Just watch. We learn that Dave wept during Jeremy Renner’s Oscar speech and there is something called “The Gay History Channel,” supposedly on Bravo. Wonder if Time Warner includes that?

Next week: Penny gets caught in a lie and Max and Dave have to deal with their landlord. Only two episodes left this season!