The promos for The B—- In Apt. 23 have been going full force lately, including last night while I was writing the Happy Endings recap. This of course sent me into a panic, because no matter how funny this new show looks, those promos were a series of very real reminders that there are only two more new episodes of Happy Endings this season. Thankfully, Subaru and Happy Endings teamed up for some webisodes, centered on the premise that Penny is selling her first car since her mom has to clean out the storage unit. It happens to be a truck, which was also my first car. It was in that truck that my high school boyfriend and I drove to the nearby lake to go swimming with some friends and he got hypothermia and threw up on one of the front tires. It was one of our most romantic afternoons.

There are four (of the six total) webisodes up on the ABC Happy Endings site now, and they are as great as would be expected. They may be short, but they are oh so sweet – full of fun anecdotes from the gang’s younger years – and are a great way to remain in denial about the end of the season. Also: Space Jam jokes.

Take a look at all of Amy’s Happy Endings recaps here, watch the webisodes on the ABC site, and watch the final two new episodes of season two Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM on ABC.