Beginning last week during the Kenneth/Jack cliffhanger, last night’s 30 Rock, entitled “Standards and Practices,” continued Kenneth’s rise up the NBC ladder as the villainous censor who has moved his way to the top of S&P, so high, in fact that he’s now in charge of censoring TGS.

Everyone is excited for the “America’s Kidz Got Singing” finale – including overdone costumes and make-up.  Hank Hooper and his teenage granddaughter Kailey – Jack’s longtime nemesis – are there, as is Liz who is rooting for Brock to best Jessica in a winner-take-all ratings bonanza.  Jenna’s plan is to cry during the last song, with the help of what looks to be Vick’s Vapo Rub, which, when applied under the eyes apparently produces tears.

However, just like everything else at NBC, the show is a disaster.  In an elaborate plot that unfolds over the course of the episode, Kailey gets the contestants drunk before they get on stage.  Needless to say, the painfully affable Hank can no longer take Kailey to a parent conference because he has to report to the FCC, and he lets his displeasure be known through the least affectionate hug he’s able to give.  Once Jack realizes her involvement, he declares it’s Jack Versus Kailey Round Two, Colon, No Need for a Subtitle.

The finale’s implosion is a boon for Kenneth – it’s former censor Darren’s screw-up and subsequent termination that leads to Kenneth’s promotion.  The only problem is that drunk children on television has made the network even more cautious, which isn’t good for TGS, a show that now can’t even use the word “using” because it’s suggests drug use.  Liz freaks out because of TGS’ reliance on sketches like “fart doctor” and blows up at Kenneth.

Down the hall, Liz tries to cheer Jenna up by calling her “1997 Heather Locklear” (which, if you remember isn’t exactly a complement), but Jenna is feeling the pangs of her age, and has decided she wants to be a mom.  The good news is, as one of the ways she used to make ends meet – including cashing her aunt’s social security checks (which she still does) – was donating eggs, which resulted in the births of 6 Jennaesque babies (except for Judy, the odd Maroni out).   Jenna has been named to Barbara Walters “10 Most Over Exposed People” and decides she’ll bring her kids with her.  Judy doesn’t want to do anything but get to know her biological mother, but Jenna’s not interested: “If you want to get to know me, read my 1996 Amtrak Magazine interview.”  When they get to the set, Jenna votes Judy off the interview because there aren’t enough chairs, while the rest of her children nod their blond heads in snobby Stepford approval.

Jack tracks Kailey down, but when he does she gives him a sob story about how her sabotage of the show had nothing to do with him – it was to set up the FCC appointment for Hank so she can avoid getting kicked out of school, as she believes he’s too nice and wouldn’t be able to prevent her expulsion.  Jack asks where her parents are, and she tells him her mom is on vacation in Indonesia visiting her charity where kids make shoes (Jack: “Isn’t that just a sweatshop?), and her dad put a Porsche engine in a Model T and drove to Mardi Gras.  Instead of burying her right then and there, Jack does what most men do when women cry, panic, believe the story entirely, and offer to help.

The next day, Jack asks Liz if she has any experience with teenagers and she says yes, as she was voted head of the PTA while she was in high school.  Jack admits that his plan had been to destroy her to the point that she would end up at the last bastion for the incompetent rich, USC (a “joke” that should’ve caused a nod/laugh for everyone watching in southern California).  However, now he’s not so sure.  Is she vicious or vulnerable?  Liz says teenagers are both.  Jack remains perplexed.  He goes to the conference, but sniffs out Kailey’s plan (which also relied on Vick’s) and gets her expelled.  He thinks he has finally gained the upper hand.

After her meeting with Jack, Liz goes to the bathroom but the women’s is being serviced so she uses the other door.  When she closes the stall door, she realizes that the man next to her is crying – and it’s Kenneth, bemoaning the pressures of his job and how his friend Liz hates him now.  Liz is clearly uncomfortable, and it’s affecting her jokes.  He asks what she should do and in her man voice she says, “smack her in the mouth” and when he gives her his name she responds that her name is also Kenneth, “Kenneth…Toilethole.”  Liz feels bad and rewrites a clean show so Kenneth doesn’t have to worry about TGS needing censorship or risking FCC fines.

The night of Kenneth’s first episode, everything comes to a head.  Liz reassures Kenneth that the show will be clean and that she also knows and respects the advice of Mr. Toilethole.  Jenna is voted off her own fledgling reality show by her demon offspring who have even confiscated the gun she keeps in her dressing room couch, so she has no choice but to acquiesce, and admit, “well played.”  She now hates how she treated Judy – the only one that actually liked her – and when she realizes Judy has been waiting for her all day, Jenna seizes an opportunity to right a wrong and walks off with her daughter.

Only one problem: the show must go on.  Liz had previously told Tracy to do his raunchy standup act to get back at Kenneth, but now that her rewritten show can’t air thanks to Jenna’s absence, she’s forced to let Tracy go on.  He’s led her to believe he can do a clean show, but he’s not in his right mind and desperately in need of a colonoscopy, which, although previously counted on for that afternoon, wasn’t scheduled until the next day (turns out his lunch with his Irish friend Colin O’scopy was that afternoon).

Kenneth is forced to save the day and is so brilliant with the bleep button that the head of S&P, Gaylord Felcher, shows up out of nowhere to promote him yet again.  Tracy’s vulgarity has given Kenneth a chance to shine.  When will Kenneth’s accent plateau?  Not this week.

And while Kenneth continues to have bigger fish to fry, Jack finally sticks it to one of the guppies by inviting Kailey to his office, only to let her know he is finally on to her plan, but, to use a expression that might be creepy when describing a grown man’s teenage nemesis, her slip is showing.  A lacrosse ball in her bag is the first dot Jack connects that ends with him getting rid of the lacrosse field in Manhattan where her man will no longer want to go to school – her entire motive for ruining the singing finale.

So everything pretty much came around full circle for Jack, Jenna, and Liz, who closed the episode with her turn as Kenneth Toilethole during a dinner between the three of them.  You read that right; just think stale 80s sitcom, the last thing 30 Rock resembles as it continues to power through another superbly sardonic season.