Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: Tyra tasked the models with creating an anti-bullying public service announcement. Singer Estelle joined the competitors while modeling as living art during a dinner party. Sophie got best photo; Kyle got sent home.

The episode opens with the girls back at the house after judging. Sophie got best photo, so the British girls get a big gift box full of picture frames or something. Everyone’s really happy that Kyle is gone. Sophie eats a piece of celery with hot sauce on top? Catherine and Eboni are also eating small bits of food off of overly large plates. Is that really what models eat? Someone get me a fudgesicle! Alisha studies Sophie’s smizing and camera talks that her parents both have three jobs to support her and she just wants to be able to return the favor and support them with her modeling.

Tyra Mail: “Hope by now you’ve hit your stride, the fashion elite awaits! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

Martin Lindstrom, the brand specialist, pops up on the TV and gives each of the girls advice and criticism to help them with their next challenge. The girls meet Kelly Cutrone (PR maven) at the Beverly Hills hotel. She explains to them that they’re going to have the opportunity to open a fashion show for the Dorchester Collection competition. There will be four designers showing in the fashion show; at the end of the show, one of the designers will win $40,000 plus the opportunity to display their collection in Paris fashion week. If a girl opens for the designer that wins, they get a free trip to one of the nine Dorchester hotels.

The girls do casting for the four designers. Catherine falls while walking for one of the designers. Kelly Cutrone says Eboni looks like a robot on Oxycontin when she walks. Lawls. Kelly Cutrone chastises Seymone for being a big arm swinger, and then Seymone starts to cop an attitude. Annaliese camera talks that Seymone is hard work, hee hee.

Alisha gets to open for Anndra Neen. Annaliese gets to open for Julian Louie. Sophie gets to open for two designers: Siki Im and Giulietta. The girls that didn’t get picked to open the shows will still be walking in the shows, though. The winning designer is Anndra Neen and Alisha is the challenge winner

Tyra Mail: “Who knew couture could be so Purr-fect? Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day, the girls meet up with Jay, who explains they will be modeling couture Hello Kitty outfits. Their photographer is Ann He, the 16-year-old winner of a “Seventeen” magazine photography contest

Catherine – UK

Catherine’s outfit is made of Hello Kitty snap bracelets with a big collar made of what looks like a bunch of chapsticks or lip glosses. Jay says Catherine was truly giving him “regal.”

Alisha – UK

Alisha has a dominatrix-type outfit complete with a hot pink Hello Kitty whip, big leather boots, and Hello Kitty handbag shoulder pads. Alisha camera talks that “hurricane Alisha is coming.”

Sophie – UK

Sophie has an all red outfit with huge poofy sleeves made from some kind of ribbing and what looks like Hello Kitty pencils. Ann says she doesn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted to bring to the shoot. Alisha says Sophie was doing a weird thing where she looked like she was swimming in water.

Annaliese – UK

Annaliese is wearing a pink bandage-type dress with purple pillows on her boobs and a big straw hat. Ann says that all her poses were very, very elegant.

Seymone – USA

Seymone is wearing a kimono-type dress covered with Hello Kitty handbags. She is also wearing a big ass wig which she immediately complains about to Jay. Alisha camera talks that Seymone walks around with the face of death.

Laura – USA

Laura is wearing a dress covered in metal Hello Kitty lunch boxes which she claims must weigh 40 pounds. There are also a lot of Pez dispensers on her outfit, which I enjoy.

Eboni – USA

Eboni is wearing a big poofy dress with a black bodice and a bubble skirt made of Hello Kitty makeup bags. She also has some kind of headdress made of stuffed Hello Kitties. She really struggles with looking young in her shoot, and Jay says the judges are gonna tear her alive.

Panel: Georgina Chapman is the guest judge. Nigel says Seymone’s picture is very Modeling: 101. Kelly says Catherine is like “Linda Blair does Hello Kitty.” Kelly loves Alisha’s picture, and Nigel agrees. Georgina says Alisha is owning her look. Nigel says Annaliese looks awkward. Kelly says Seymone was rude during the challenge, and that she and Catherine both have painful walks. Everyone thinks that Laura may be becoming a one trick pony with her contortionist poses. Nobody likes Eboni’s picture because she’s dissing her 30-never persona.

  1. Alisha gets best photo
  2. Sophie
  3. Catherine
  4. Laura
  5. Annaliese

It comes down to Eboni and Seymone. The judges  think that Eboni doesn’t appreciate and respect the branding advice she has been given. Seymone is there because she had an attitude at the challenge and the photo shoot, and the judges don’t think she is taking the opportunity seriously.

6. Eboni

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls are going to Asia; they have a photo shoot with silk worms.