It’s Motown night on Dancing with the Stars, and that means ballroom dances to Motown hits with the help of Smokey Robinson and The Temptations.  There’s also the first “Dance Marathon” of the season, giving each couple a chance to earn extra points.

Gladys Knight & Tristan:  Gladys knows a thing or two about Motown (Duh she is a Motown legend), so she’s dancing a Rumba to The Temptations’ “My Girl.”  Gladys pulls off the routine just fine and Tristan does a great job wearing those nerdy glasses.  Len doesn’t think Gladys is the best dancer but she’s the most “charismatic.”  Bruno “likes his Rumba a bit steamier” and Carrie Ann’s hair looks weird.  Judges’ Score: 21, Final Score: 24.

Maria Menounos & Derek: Let me first start by saying I can’t take these two – like get a room.  Maria struggled with her Foxtrot during rehearsal and unfortunately she continued to struggle during the actual performance, which from my living room seemed to last about a halfhour.  Apparently the judges aren’t watching the same performance and Len calls it “a joy to his eyes.”  Bruno says, “You lost your footing, but you caught up brilliantly.”   Judges’ Score: 26. Final Score: 30.

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie:  Roshon is “uncomfortable” being “sensual” for his Rumba, because he’s barely hit puberty, but he sill manages to give a great performance with no missteps. Despite the ballroom giving a standing ovation, Carrie Ann says, “ I think your movements were a bit over-exaggerated and it made it hard for me to watch.”  Len says, “The movement was clipped and jerky, it was like painting by numbers.”  Judges’ Score: 23, Final Score: 28.

Katherine Jenkins & Mark: Hoping to stay on top of the leader board Katherine, Mark, and his silly hat dance a Samba that brings the ballroom to their feet.  Len says, “I’m going to call you the midwife because you keep delivering week after week.”  Bruno says, “The marriage of Brazil and funky town has never been more exhilarating.” Judges’ Score: 29, Final Score: 39.

Donald Driver & Peta: Donald is determined to get a 10 from Len and focuses on his technique for the Foxtrot.  The end result is one of the most fun and entertaining dances of the night.  Bruno calls him “a showman” and Carrie says, “You are so in your zone.”  Len says, “You came out and exploded!” Judges’ Score: 27, Final Score: 34.

Melissa Gilbert & Maks:  This week Maks is being exceptionally abusive in rehearsals (seriously, I don’t even want to know what’s on the footage they don’t air).  Melissa uses the adrenaline of pure fear to dance her way through the Viennese Waltz, as Maks aggressively whips her around the dance floor.  However, it’s easily their best dance with Carrie Ann saying, “I see the artistry.”  Len says, “Overall I think you did it wonderfully well.”  Bruno says, “ Your extended lines were absolutely wonderful.” Judges’ Score: 24, Final Score: 30.

Jaleel White & Kym: After being in the bottom two dance duel last week, Kym and Jaleel are dancing for redemption with their Cha Cha and they do just that. Len says, “You’re back” and Bruno calls it “the biggest sizzler of the season.” Carrie Ann says, “Consider the Agame brought.”   Judges’ Score: 29, Final Score: 37.

William Levy & Cheryl: This week William has to be a Latin lover for his Rumba – what a stretch.  The best thing about this performance is Smokey Robinson singing on a stage full of smoke, but the actual dance isn’t too bad either.  Bruno says, “You two are wired for sex” and Carrie Ann “doesn’t think it was his best dance.”  Len says, “For me it was a little bit raunchy.” Judges Score: 27, Final Score: 36.

Motown Dance Marathon Order of Elimination: Gladys & Tristan, Maria & Derek, Roshon & Chelsie, Melissa & Maks, Donald & Peta, Jaleel & Kym, William & Cheryl, and Katherine & Mark taking the win.

With Gladys all the way at the bottom with a score of 24, this could finally be her week to go home.  However, she’ll probably have to dance duel it out with Melissa or Roshon first.