Get your tissue box out because it’s about to get personal on DWTS, as each performer recounts the most memorable year in their life.

Up first is Jack Wagner, whose most memorable year involves the night his long lost daughter came up to him at a concert in Florida (I would never forget that either).  Anna and Jack dance a Samba to one of his own songs as a tribute to his daughter Kerri.  Jack gives it his all, but there’s something about the prop guitar and deep V thats a little scary instead of sweet.  However Len “thinks it’s his best dance” and Bruno “thinks his timing is much much better.”  Of course Carrie Ann is fighting back tears.  He earns a 24.

Maria Menounos dances the Rumba to an extremely slow version of “Material Girl”, which is the song she used to listen to on the jukebox while her parents cleaned night clubs in Boston.  The performance is good if you can get past the truly bizarre version of the song and Derek Hough’s strategically gropey choreography. Bruno “felt it” and Carrie Ann jumbles her words and calls it a “horizontal expression.”  Len calls it an “overall, fabulous dance.”  She earns a 27 out of 30.

Hoping for redemption from last weeks Quickstep, Gladys Knight dances a Foxtrot in memory of her first major tour with The Pips.  Gladys improves and Carrie Ann says, “You dance like you sing, sensuous and soulful.”  Len “admires” her hard work and Bruno commends her on the “fluidity.”  And now for my comment: “Tristan was adorable.”  Gladys earns a 24 out of 30.

Disney star Roshon Fegan’s most memorable year is the first time he saw Michael Jackson, which means we’re getting a Samba tribute to the king of pop, wig and all.  Of course Roshon attacks the dance like the attention loving child star he is and earns rave reviews from the judges and crowd.  Len loves that he “gives it 100 percent” and Bruno says, “Michael Jackson would’ve loved it and so do I.”  Carrie Ann “doesn’t think it’s his best dance” but “loves the innovation and approach.”  Roshon earns a 25.

Gavin Degraw realized he wanted to be a musician after seeing a Billy Joel concert, so naturally he’s going to dance his Rumba to “New York State of Mind.”  Bruno exclaims, “You got hips!” Carrie Ann calls it “sexy and sensual” and has “Gavin fever.”  Len sees “good hips, more musicality through his arms, and progression week after week.” Gavin is overwhelmed with tears and can barely speak post interview at the mention of his family’s support.  As a result, there’s two things I’m kind of embarrassed about: I started to cry also and I might have a crush on Gavin Degraw. He earns a 24.Frontrunner Katherine Jenkins dances a Waltz in memory of her father who passed away from lung cancer.  The fog machine is out, the dance is stunning, and once again I’m in tears.  Carrie Ann calls it “magic,” but Len scolds Mark for not having enough choreography “in hold.”  Bruno just screams out “Sensational!”  Katherine earns the first two tens of the season giving her a score of 29.

Sherri Shepherd dedicates her Rumba to her son Jeffrey, who was born prematurely and survived under amazing conditions.  Sherri puts a lot of emotion into the dance and it pays off.  Len thought “she did a great job” and Bruno calls it “well expressed.”  Carrie Ann commends her for being “true to herself.” She earns a 24.

Melissa Gilbert’s most memorable year was in 2010 when she broke her back.  She dances a jive to “The Dog Days are Over” which goes pretty smoothly until she tries to take the tie out of her hair to head bang.  Carrie Ann “loved it” and Len says she has “come into the competition.”  She earns a 24.

Jaleel White dances a Rumba in honor of Stefan Urquelle, transformation chamber and all. That last sentence is not a joke.  Carrie Ann says he’s “back in the game” and Len calls it “ a little stiff in the arms.”  Bruno thought he “played it cool” but agrees with Len about the arm thing.  Then Jaleel has an unexpected emotional breakdown during the post dance interview, which was difficult to watch given the weight of some of the other stars’ memories.   He earns a 25.Heartthrob William Levy honors the year he came to the United States from Cuba with a Salsa that includes, a bongo, a fedora, a bandana and a very open shirt.  Len says he “conquered the salsa” and Bruno asks him “to come closer to the table” before screaming “that was amazing.”  Carrie Ann calls it “ridiculously hot.”  He earns a 28.

Donald Driver dances the Rumba in honor of his good friend that he lost to cancer.  It’s a highly emotional dance that earns rave reviews.  Carrie Ann says, “The passion he expressed is mesmerizing” and Len calls it a “top notch performance.”  Bruno says something incoherent but it was positive.  He earns a 26.

Once again Katherine Jenkins remains at the top of the leader board and with a five-way tie at the bottom, tomorrow night’s elimination is going to come down to a population contest.