Make It Or Break It continues its short season as the girls are paired off by Black Coach and forced to work together.  Kelly Parker returns to try to gain Kaylie’s trust; Lauren and Payson must overcome their differences and New Black Girl pairs up with Baby G.  Meanwhile, Payson tries to cure her heartache with a new boy and Kaylie and Austin encounter difficulties in their pursuit of an on-air career.

The Players:

Director:  Michael Lange
Creator:  Holly Sorenson
Cast:  Ayla Kell, Cassie Scerbo, and Josie Loren

Episode Title:  “It Takes Two”

The new coach splits the girls into teams of two.  Kelly Parker makes her return as Kaylie’s partner.  Kaylie doesn’t trust Kelly, even though she buys her a super ugly custom pink leotard.  Kelly can’t pull off a move and Kaylie tries to cover for her by upping her own difficulty.

Lauren worries that her partner, Payson, is distracted by her break-up and makes it her mission to set Payson up with a cyclist.  When Payson finds out she’s been set up, she’s pissed, but manages to forgive when she realizes that her new boy likes her for her.  New

Black Girl is partnered with Baby G (short for Baby Gymnast) and though her tiny counterpart is desperate for her affection, New Black Girl won’t give her the time of day.  Still, in the end, the two manage to pull it together with a killer floor routine.  And New Black Girl has earned her spot on the team.  She’s here to stay.

The Good:

  • Sexual Innuendo:  For some reason these writers have started referring to the Olympics as “The Big O” giving us gems like “The Big O is stressful” and “Together to the Big O”.
  • Kaylie’s hairy forearms:  When Kelly buys Kaylie a custom leotard for their routine, Kaylie announces that she cannot wear a leo with three quarter sleeves because her arm hair might get caught in the spandex.
  • Payson’s new love: It’s nice to have a guy who likes payson for payson. He’s hot and he wears a beanie.


The Bad:

  • Austin:  I don’t care that he’s nervous for the Olympics and that he lacks hosting skills.  In fact, Austin could totally lift out of this entire series.
  • The Cut:  We went through all that to watch Black Coach cut two girls that we have literally never seen before?  Seriously?


MIOBI Stats:

Kaylie:  Broke it for not trusting her partner and taking her team from bad to worse.

Payson:  Made it.  Hopefully she’s making the Big O right now with her new beau.

Lauren:  Was she in this episode?  Seriously, Lauren needs to deal with whatever is happening with these dizzy spells.

Kelly Parker:  Made it.  Even though she lied about her skills, she totally proved herself as a “good guy” and even managed to call New Black Girl a “gypsy gymnast jerkface.”

New Black Girl:  Made it.  She gets to stay and train for the Olympics.

Baby G:  Made it.  She broke down that gypsy gymnast jerkface and possibly made a friend.