Hey everyone! Welcome to the live shows! Which, if you’re on the west coast, like I am, are not truly live, but no matter. Let’s get started!

Tonight we’re watching Team Christina belt it out against Team Blake.

But before that, Carson introduces the judges: Adam and Cee Lo seem to have switched hair. Christina looks like she’s lost some weight and Blake… well he looks the same, but that means he’s still ruggedly handsome, so it’s all good.

The first competitor tonight is from Team Blake – Germaine Paul, the former backup singer for Alicia Keys.

His Song: “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

His Performance: It’s really one note and dull, which is unfortunate because 1) I loved Germaine in auditions and 2) I love this song. It sounds like he’s singing backup for himself. The light guy overcompensated at the end. I feel like the light guy had a better performance than Germaine.

Judges’ Comments: Christina was impressed that he could move across the stage so much. Blake gave Germaine the love. Christina is dressed like the Fruit Stripes giraffe (according to my hilarious boyfriend).

(There should be a picture here, but Hulu is being stingy with the posting of the episodes, so I have no screen caps for you today. Frowny face)

Should You Vote for Him?: A boring, karaoke-esque performance of a dynamic song equals no vote from me (or you).

Commercial. When we get back from break, Carson stumbles on the name of the show and then we’re teleported to the Sprint social media lounge where Christina Milian interviews Germaine. Zzzzzzzzz.

And now for another performance! Up next is Chris Mann on Team Christina. He’s the opera singer.

His Song: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel

His Performance: I feel like I’m watching some sort of PBS Great Performances special. He has a great voice, there’s no denying it; however, I’m doubting that The Voice is the right show for Chris – he still sounds like an opera singer. He needs to find a song that he can sing without turning it into an aria.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo tells Chris that he was wonderful and he enjoyed the performance. Adam discusses Cee Lo’s crazy hair and then calls his song choice “unexpected.” No. “Baby” by Justin Bieber would have been unexpected. This is a song that fits easily with his current vocal aesthetic. Christina thanks him for making the song his own.

Should You Vote For Him?: It’s a tossup. On one hand, he has an amazing voice; on the other hand, I wish he would branch out and create an unusual niche. I’m going to err on the side of voting for him, to see if anything improves next time.

Team Blake’s next entrant is Rae Lynn, the youngest contestant in the competition and a bonafide country singer.

Her Song: “Wake Up Call” by Maroon 5. Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see Adam’s expression.

Her Performance: I’m excited that they’re turning the song into a country number. This is definitely a cool version of the song. RaeLynn is a little pitchy and needs to take some lessons in enunciation, but this performance is just so fun and fearless that I can’t help but want to overlook her faults. It also doesn’t hurt that she got stronger as the show went on.

Judges’ Comments: RaeLynn gives Adam a hug. And then Christina calls her sassy and then asks RaeLynn if she’s allowed to grind her hips at that age. Um, Irony? (GENIE IN A BOTTLE LINK) Then Christina goes, “Heeeey!” Adam tells RaeLynn that he broke her heart for singing his song so well. Blake tells RaeLynn that she’s representing the new country and people at the Country Music Awards were talking to him about her.

Should You Vote For Her?: She was pitchy, but she’s a good performer who’s not afraid to branch out of her comfort zone. I want this show to be entertaining for me, so vote yes on RaeLynn.

Team Christina’s next competitor is Moses Stone. He’s the rapper.

His Songs: “Stronger” and “Power” by Kanye West.

His Performance: He has dancers doing flips. I’m distracted. I wish he was more alone on the stage. Despite that, he’s talented and has great energy. However, he seemed to let himself get carried away with the energy he puts out and is out of breath a few times in the performance.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo appreciates Moses’ stage presence. Adam thinks he has more potential as a singer than a rapper. Blake agrees and thinks Christina has really improved his voice. Christina talks about how Moses doesn’t use autotune.

Should You Vote for Him?: Yes. He’s a rapper. Let’s keep this show fresh!

The next performer is Team Blake’s Naia Kete, the Third Street Promenade street performer.

Her Song: “Turning Tables” by Adele

Her Performance: Finally! A nuanced, emotional, genuine performance. Her voice is pure and clean, her notes are controlled, and it feels like she understands what she’s singing.

 Judges’ Comments: Christina does not agree with me. She wanted a reggae feel to it. Blake says that Naia wanted to prove she’s not a reggae artist. Blake finishes by saying, “I commend you. I thought it was awesome.” Me too!

Should You Vote for Her: Yes! An artist with a great voice who doesn’t look like they’re posturing or hiding behind a light show.

Lindsay Paveo from Team Christina is going to be the last performance of the first hour. She has part of her head shaved in the auditions.

Her Song: “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye feat. Kimbra

Her Performance: There are weird dancers in masks behind her. Distracting. But Lindsay draws attention away from them. Her take on the song is fresh and she has a great relaxed vibe.

Judges’ Comments: Adam loves the song and wished that Lindsay had more power to her voice in the chorus. Christina is a huge fan of Lindsay’s and loves what she does with songs.

Should You Vote for Her?: Yes! She’s talented and original and doesn’t need the weird dancers Christina places behind her.

Jordis Unga, a contestant on Rock Star (LINK), is the next member of Team Blake to take the stage.

Her Song: “Alone” by Heart.

Her Performance: She has a nice voice and turns out a true 90s power ballad-type performance. There’s not much that’s truly original about it, but she has a decent sound and a lot of power in her lungs.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo tells her it was “overall good.” Blake tells Jordis that what she did was the opposite of playing it safe. I don’t see it, but then Blake explains some musical stuff, so maybe it’s true.

Should You Vote for Her?: Jordis is talented, but slightly boring. If you like her, go for it. I think I’m saving my votes for someone who’s just a tad different than what’s usually out there.

Team Christina’s next contender is Sera Hill, the girl who Christina sang on stage with in the blind auditions.

Her Song: “Find Your Love” by Drake

Her Performance: She sits in the midst of a bunch of shirtless male models. Two of them have shirts and start dancing. Oh yeah, and Sera is singing. I love her voice. It’s sultry and very 70s. I don’t know how well she connected to the lyrics though…

Judges’ Comments: Blake makes a comment about Christina stuffing one dollar bills into the half-nude male models’ (strippers according to Blake). Blake was distracted by them as well.  He couldn’t talk about anything else. Christina tells Sera she looks beautiful and has a great presence.

Should You Vote for Her?: Are you voting for Jordis? If so, skip Sera, if not, vote for her. I think her voice is a lot more interesting and less generic than Jordis’, but they’re both really talented. If Sera isn’t your cup of tea, don’t do it.

Erin Willett, the girl whose father passed away from pancreatic cancer, is the Team Blake member up next.

Her Song: “Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder.

Her Performance: There’s a Broadway musical happening on stage, but Erin commands the stage with her presence and big voice. Wow, it really does look like a Broadway music.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo loved her, as did Blake (he called it the best technical performance of the night)

Should You Vote for Her?: How can you not want more of that stage presence and voice?!

The high-schooler who loves music and charity, Ashley De La Rosa, is the next Team Christina performer.

Her Song: “Right Through You” by Alanis Morissette

Her Performance: She stands amidst a bunch of lasers and does a nice impression of Alanis Morissette’s voice. Che instruments eclipse her voice in the chorus. I don’t see the charisma she had in the battle rounds, and I don’t see her being the rocker she thinks she is.  She doesn’t have quite the hard edge.

Judges’ Comments: Adam calls Ashley the most improved and says that he sees her as a woman and not a 17 year old girl, but I swear it wasn’t skeazy. Christina was impressed with how Ashley stood out amidst the intense laser light show.

Should You Vote for Her?: She might be the most improved, but she doesn’t bring anything exciting to the party. If you want to vote for someone with a genuinely good voice who also has a rock sensibility, vote for Jordis Unga.

With two performances left, Carson remembers that Christina Milian is standing around waiting to be on TV. She asks Jordis where a note she sang came from. Seriously. Why is this Twitter lounge even a part of this show?

Anyway, Team Blake’s last competitor is Charlotte Sometimes, the girl who had the jaw disease, and my personal favorite from Team Blake.

Her Song: “Misery Business” by Paramore. I love this song – I would blast it from my car while driving down Lake Shore Drive when I lived in Chicago. Charlotte is taking it down a notch. Hmmm…

Her Performance: Her phrasing is different, her tone is almost flat, but with just enough nuance… And then the chorus hits. She has power even in her quieter moments. She shows immense range and has a truly unique voice. I love it. That. Was. Awesome.

Judges’ Comments: Adam heard a few pitch issues, but loves Charlotte’s unique voice. Christina was surprised by Charlotte’s range, power, and subtlety. Blake gives credit to Charlotte for the arrangement and calls her a “true artist.”

Should You Vote for Her?: Yes! She arranged her performance! She has a cool voice! I’m going to spend $1.29 on iTunes to download this song!

The world’s least deadbeat dad, Jesse Campbell, is the last artist of the evening and hails from Team Christina.

His Song: “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

His Performance: Christina has faith in Jesse. I can tell because the only things on stage besides Jesse are a microphone and a follow spot. He has such a clear voice and he’s a pleasure to listen to. If he stays, I hope he takes on something a little out of his comfort zone.

Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo tells Jesse, “Your voice is almost as beautiful as my hair.” Word. And then Cee Lo tells Jesse that he’s the one he’s rooting for if no one on his team wins. Adam calls Jesse, “the dude to beat.” Christina blows him kisses and says that Jesse can sing the phone book…. Then she calls herself the only sober coach up there. Ooookay.

Should You Vote for Him?: This show is called The Voice and that’s all I could pay attention to while I watched him. Yes. Vote for him.

And with that, we’re out!  Have a good evening everyone and we’ll be back for the elimination show tomorrow!