Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls had a challenge walking in a fashion show for the Dorchester Collection competition and Alisha won. The girls had a Hello Kitty photo shoot. Alisha got top photo; Seymone was sent home (partially for her bad attitude).

The episode opens with the girls coming back to the house and the Brits opening up a big present they received for Alisha’s top photo. Eboni tells the other girls she thought she was going home, and Alisha says she’s like the cat with nine lives. Laura camera talks that she thinks Seymone deserved to stay more. Eboni says that she doesn’t think Laura likes her, so Alisha asks Laura if she likes Eboni. Laura says no and that Eboni can be really vain and talks down to people. Eboni’s like, “I guess I would need an example,” but she says it really condescendingly, so there ya go, girl.

Nigel Barker shows up at the house with Chinese food for all the girls. While eating with the girls Nigel says the most important thing he looks for in panel is that they have life in their eyes. At the end of the meal he hands them all big-ass fortune cookies. Big ass, as in, size-of-your-head fortune cookies. They all read their fortunes and then Nigel opens his cookie. His fortune says: “Your fortune awaits you in Macau!” He tells them they’re leaving right away and to go pack.

The girls arrive in Macau and as they travel through the city they all camera talk about their backgrounds. When Laura was nine her parents’ alcoholism came out. She doesn’t really follow up on that except that she wants to be the responsible one in their family. Eboni says that she grew up living in her grandmother’s attic and sleeping on an air mattress. She got a full ride scholarship to University of Washington but put it off to pursue modeling. Sophie has fully supported herself since she was 18 and she really wants the money to start coming in. Catherine won second place on her cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model and she hopes winning the American version will revive her career. Alisha says that where she grew up dreams don’t really come true. Annaliese says that back in London her main focus is her “presenting,” (she has her own radio show) but the competition has shown her that she can do anything now.

They arrive at their hotel, the MGM Macau, and that shit is cray. There are like people dancing everywhere, and Chinese dragons, and they all get crazy headdresses to wear. They are greeted by Jay Manuel who gives them the key to their suite. It’s big and over the top, of course, and so they all jump on the beds.

Alisha camera talks that Sophie is messy, and then she real talks to Catherine that Sophie took her dress and heels out of her suitcase and then left them in the middle of the floor. Sophie is in the next room and can hear her, so she comes in and apologizes. But Alisha keeps going on and on about the dress and how she doesn’t want Sophie to touch her stuff. Annaliese makes fun of Alisha and says she acts like she’s in high school.

Tyra Mail: “Your face is your fortune… Can you change your destiny? Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The girls head over to a monastery and are greeted by Miss Jay and Clement Chan, a Chinese Astrologer. Clement is going to give all the girls readings and find out each of their elements. He also looks at each of their photo books and says some things about each of their backgrounds – most of what he says is very spot on. The girls next have a challenge. There’s a table full of makeup and racks full of costumes and they have 10 minutes to change their “auras” according to their fortunes from Clement. The winner is Laura, and she wins a spa package from the MGM – Eboni gets to go too since she’s Laura’s only teammate left. It’s really awkward at the spa because they kind of hate each other.

Tyra Mail: “Prepare to meet some smooth operators! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The girls meet up with Jay Manuel. He tells them they’re going to be wearing silk gowns and they’re going to be accessorized by silk worms. These worms are big and white and gross; I think you can actually see their faces. Seriously, they give me the heebie jeebies. All the silk gowns are designed by Barney Cheng who is on set talking about all the dresses to the girls.

Annaliese – UK

Laura – USA

Eboni – USA

Sophie – UK

Catherine – UK

Alisha – UK

Panel: Nigel says that Laura looks unbelievable; Kelly says that she gives girls with black hair a good name. Kelly Cutrone says that Eboni looks like a WWII postcard. Tyra says that Catherine is so much better than her photo. Barney Cheng and Kelly both agree that Alisha is not selling the dress that she’s wearing. Annaliese gets all good feedback. Nigel says the look in Sophie’s eyes is a little too extreme. Nigel says that Eboni has no neck in her photo. Tyra says that Catherine has weeks where her photos aren’t too strong, but her mind always goes back to Queen Catherine from the music video.

  1. Laura gets best photo
  2. Annaliese
  3. Sophie
  4. Eboni

It comes down to Alisha and Catherine. Alisha made a dress that’s amazing look less good than it does on a hanger. Catherine’s photo was weak, and she is sent home.


Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls go to Hong Kong and have a photo shoot 700 feet up in the air.