Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The girls went to Macau and had a photo shoot with live silk worms. Laura got top photo; Catherine got sent home.

The episode opens with the girls back at the hotel. Laura got best photo so she gets a present all to herself. That means the girls are no longer really in teams, it’s every girl for herself. Laura and Eboni both camera talk about how they don’t like each other. Alisha camera talks that she’s confused why she was in the bottom two last week because she thinks she has the best body out of all of them.

Tyra Mail: “The world is your stage. Knock ‘em dead! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day, the girls head to Hong Kong and meet up with Miss J. He tells them that Hong Kong has a thriving movie and music industry and they’re going to be learning how to action fight from actor and pop star, Nicholas Tse. Miss J. is dressed like the statue of liberty, if the statue of liberty was a 1920’s harem girl. The winner of the acting challenge, a “simple” fight scene, gets to come back to Hong Kong and be in Nicholas’ music video.

The girls pair up with stunt men to practice and Laura gets paired up with Nicholas, who she thinks is cute. (She camera talks that she has a thing for Asian men.) One by one the girls get one practice and one actual take. Laura wins the challenge and Alisha is pissed.

Back at the hotel, the girls think that Laura seduced Nicholas, and Eboni says that Laura’s sleeping her way to the top. Obviously Laura is pissed off at that remark, and she starts yelling at the girls that she would never do that. Eboni and Sophie are like, chill, we were just joking. But Alisha camera talks that Laura is a “slag.”

Tyra Mail: “Only the early risers make it to the top! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day the girls are woken up at 5:30 am to go to hair and makeup. They meet up with Jay Manuel in Macau tower, 764 feet up in the air. The girls are going to be outside in harnesses, while it’s raining, doing their photo shoot. Their photographer is going to be Nigel Barker. Alisha and Sophie are scared of heights and are especially nervous about the shoot. Laura is “beyond excited.”

Sophie – UK

Annaliese – UK

Laura – USA

Eboni – USA

Alisha – UK

Panel: Nicholas Tse is the guest judge. Kelly Cutrone says that Annaliese looks like a warrior. Tyra says Alisha looks like she’s going to church 60 years ago. Tyra thinks Laura’s photo is absolutely beautiful. Kelly argues that Annaliese isn’t a model, but Nigel says she could be a successful model. Alisha on the other hand is the most high-fashion looking in real life, but Nigel thinks she’s a terrible model. Kelly says Eboni looks like the scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz.” Nigel says that Laura wasn’t that good, it’s just that the other girls were terrified and she wasn’t.

  1. Laura gets best photo
  2. Sophie
  3. Annaliese

It comes down to Eboni and Alisha. They both share some of the highest potential in the competition, but neither of them takes very good shots. Tyra chooses Alisha to stay, but Alisha says that she can’t stay, that she needs to leave and find herself again. She says she can’t relate to herself and she doesn’t feel strong in the competition. Tyra says Alisha can leave, but Eboni still has to leave too. So they both leave!

Who’d a thought the final three would be Sophie, Annaliese, and Laura. I think Alisha was Laura’s biggest threat, and now that she’s gone, Laura will easily win the competition.

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: It’s down to the final three! The girls have go-sees and a photo shoot inside a giant perfume bottle.