Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The final five had a mock fighting challenge and Eboni accused Laura of flirting to win. The girls had a photo shoot at the top of Macau tower, 764 feet up in the air. Laura got best photo, Eboni was sent home, and in a surprise twist, Alisha also went home on her own accord.

The episode opens with the girls back at the MGM; they are all pretty shocked about Alisha’s sudden departure. Annaliese camera talks that she’s the underdog, but that she makes up for it in personality. Laura camera talks that she’s also the underdog, and that the American dream is true: you can do anything you put your mind to.

Tyra Mail: “Get up and go for it in the Pearl of the East. Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day the girls go to Hong Kong and are met by Kelly Cutrone on the ferry. Kelly tells them that Hong Kong is one of the top fashion markets and that today they’re going to do go-sees. For every go-see that each of them books they will bank 1000 Hong Kong dollars, which is actually only like 125 American dollars. So…I wouldn’t be sweating it Sophie, Annaliese, and Laura. Way to pinch those pennies, Tyra…amirite? Each of the girls is going to be accompanied by a male model from Hong Kong to help them find all of their go-sees. They have three hours to go on four go-sees.

The usual insanity ensues on the go-sees. Annaliese refers to herself as “chocolate brownie,” which I love. They meet back up with Kelly, and she has feedback for them. None of the designers really liked Laura’s walk, but she still booked two of the four go-sees. Annaliese booked three of the four go-sees; Sophie booked all four of her go-sees. Sophie wins the challenge and receives a bunch of clothes from all the designers. The girls then go out clubbing with the male models and spend all of their Hong Kong dollars.

Tyra Mail: “Tomorrow will be a dream come true! Fierce and Love, Tyra.”

The next day the girls meet up with Jay Manuel. They’re going to be shooting an ad for the America’s Next Top Model perfume, “Dream Come True.” They need to appear youthful and joyful, and will be shooting inside a giant bottle of perfume. Their photographer is former Australia’s Top Model judge, Jez Smith.

Sophie – UK

Laura – USA

Annaliese – UK

Panel: Nigel says that Laura is gorgeous, ethereal, and feminine. Kelly says Laura’s photo is definitely for a much older demographic than it’s supposed to be for. Nigel says that Annaliese doesn’t look like a model; she looks like a tennis star or some athlete that just got their first perfume. Nigel says that Sophie’s photo is beautiful, but she doesn’t look quite youthful. Nigel Barker and Jez Smith seriously look like twins. Nigel says that Annaliese’s photo nailed it the most. Jez says that Sophie did a great job.

1. Sophie gets best photo

It comes down to Laura and Annaliese to see who will be a finalist in the competition. Laura is different and “zagalicious,” but she has a bad walk and is unable to be soft and sweet. Annaliese showed herself to have a great personality and drive, but she’s not the strongest model.

2. Laura

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion: The final two compete in a runway show for Forever 21 for the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Who will win? Although Laura is stronger at taking photos, everyone agrees that her walk is terrible. My money’s definitely on Sophie – who do you think will win?